Our Educational Package - Awake the creativity of your students, and make their learning exciting!


Our Lab/Workshop Educational package brings our world class technology solutions curricula (used internationally in universities and schools around the world) into your academic institution through tailored programs and partnerships, to help produce career-ready engineers, architects, and artists with relevant skill and experience in state-of-the-art leading technologies currently used all over the world. Acquiring knowledge and skills of these technology solutions will enable user students to confidently interact with their peers in any part of the world. It supports educators and students through software, blended learning techniques, and more. Together with academic institutions and industry professionals, our partners cultivate the skills necessary for career- ready AEC professionals - for Academic programs encompassing Architecture, Mechanical design, Civil, Structural Engineering, etc. By supporting schools, our educational package helps sustain the AEC and Artist faculty with knowledgeable students and graduates having up to date skills needed in today’s industry. This solution will provide your school with learning and skill acquisition tools (from our world class partners) listed below:


 3D Mechanical CAD - 3D Design/modeling & analysis tools

 Structural Engineering - Integrated structural analysis and design tools 

 3D Digital Art - 3D Digital art design tools

 3D Mouse - 3D Design accessory and productivity enhancement tools

 3D Printer - 3D Model printing for prototyping and enduse parts tools

 3D Scanner - 3D capture of real-life objects and reverse engineering tool

 CNC Router Machines - 3D machining and production of modeled parts tool

 Product Fabrication - Metal/Plastic/Woodworks product fabrication automation tools










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