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A Complete Solution for Architectural Rendering

Cad applications are invaluable for drafting and design, but might fall short on render quality. Other 3D programs may offer high-end rendering, but usually have a steep learning curve and lack the tools you need to easily set up natural surroundings.

Vue offers a complete solution for architects and visualization artists. It effectively combines a full-featured professional render engine with Vue’s renowned ease of use.

Recommended products for architectural visualization:


Vue Infinite

Vue xStream

Architecture Bundles



Carbon Scatter

  • Extensive import capabilities – supports most widely used 3D formats
  • Hundreds of preset atmospheres, plants and materials
  • SolidGrowth™ 3D vegetation – no two plants of the same species look alike
  • EcoSystems™ – populate scenes with millions of plants and rocks in one click
  • Paint and modify EcoSystems interactively
  • hyper-realistic skies, clouds, outdoor and indoor lighting
  • High-end render engine with professional quality output
  • Global illumination, radiosity, area lights, image-based lighting and HDRI
  • Realistic procedural materials – no tiling problems
  • High amplitude displacement mapping
  • Easily create walkthrough animations with the motion designer
  • Multi-pass rendering with Photoshop export for easy compositing and post processing

Import your models

Vue imports most major 3D formats, so you can continue drafting and modeling in your favorite application without worrying about compatibility issues. You can import your models, complete with mapping and texturing information.

Any modification done in the CAD app will be dynamically updated in Vue. Objects can also be decimated to create low-poly proxies, which can then be instantly replaced back with the hi-res model for final render.

Apply realistic materials

In addition to standard bitmaps, Vue features easy to use procedural materials, especially suited for irregular surfaces like stucco, stone, ground, moss and grass.

The advantage of procedural materials is that they never suffer from the tiling and distortion problems associated with bitmaps.

Vue comes with over 480 high quality preset materials in various categories (Rock, tiles, bricks, glass, water…).

Add vegetation

With Vue, there’s no need to purchase expensive 3D trees, no need to re-use the same plant model over and over again, and no problems with polygon-heavy vegetation that slows down your system and workflow.

All of the included preset plant species are instantly grown inside the software using e-on’s unique SolidGrowth technology, meaning that no two plants of the same species look exactly alike.


This powerful new technology is especially handy for quickly covering surfaces with a very large number of plants and rocks.

EcoSystems work just like standard materials, so you can easily create pebble and stone beds, realistic grass, gardens and woods with just a couple of clicks.

Interactively paint* EcoSystems exactly where you need them. Erase, modify and color EcoSystems on the fly.

Add realistic atmospheres

Unlike sky photos, Spectral atmospheres form an integral part of the lighting scheme. For instance, if you change the sun’s position from midday to afternoon, not only will the lighting change, but also the appearance of the sky and 3D clouds.

Easily select any one of the 160 preset atmospheres to quickly test your model’s appearance in various daytime and weather conditions.

Of course, you can still use background photos if you want to!

Create photorealistic renders

Vue’s render engine offers high-end features for ultimate realism and quality. With technologies such as global illumination, radiosity and image-based lighting, it simulates the effects of indirect illumination (both outdoor and indoor), and adds complexity and depth to flat surfaces that are so common in architecture.

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Vue xStream - the Integrated Solution

With Vue xStream, you can create, edit and render complete, fully animated Vue scenes directly in 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and Softimage. This is the most streamlined and effective solution for architects.


  Rimini Fiera Exposition Center  
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Visual Art Digital Media Group used Vue to create the 3D renderings of Rimini Fiera's Exposition Center in Italy. The Exposition Center covers a total of 4.6 million square feet, out of which 1.6 million are landscaped areas.

For this project, modelling was done in AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Maya and then transferred over to Vue for final rendering.

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"After careful analysis we decided to introduce Vue 5 Infinite into our production pipeline due to the quality of its render engine, the astonishing EcoSystem and the speed to appraise illumination in different atmospheric conditions," says Giancarlo Montebelli, Art Director VADMG.


  Architectural Project – City of Arabia  
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Clockwork Studios is a visual effects company based in Dubai. Here’s their description of the city of Arabia project:

“In this campaign, dinosaurs roam wild and free amongst skyscrapers and monorails. Well, this is Dubai and anything is possible! The City of Arabia development will contain, amongst other things, a dinosaur park called Restless Planet.

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For this series of stills we created a fully CG city and environment complete with natural vegetation and landscaped gardens (and dinos of course!). The final product was used for a newspaper campaign, as well as projected on a wall as part of the presentation – the resolution required was therefore unusually high, to say the least ...”


Product Visualization and Design   

The Perfect Companion to Your CAD Program

If you design and model your products in CAD applications, you need a professional-quality render platform. But you definitely don't need a steep learning curve!

Vue offers an attractive balance between state-of-the-art rendering features and immediate usability that make it a true alternative to high-priced rendering applications.

With Vue, you can easily import fully textured models (or take advantage of Vue’s own powerful material editor), quickly set up the lighting and rendering options, and produce stunning product presentations in no time.

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Vue Infinite

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Vue xStream

  Highlights for Product Visualization  
  • Extensive import capabilities
  • Dynamic update of modifications made in the CAD app
  • Global illumination, radiosity, area lights and Image-based lighting
  • Easy setup of lighting and rendering
  • Realistic outdoor lighting and natural environments
  • Large selection of realistic materials
  • Sub-surface scattering, displacement mapping, caustics

Get Stunning Renders – Easily!

Producing high-quality renders that show the best of your product design often becomes a daunting task with most 3D applications. Setting up the lighting and tweaking hundreds of render parameters can be frustrating and time consuming. Vue features innovative technologies that make it easy and straight forward.

Fast and easy indirect illumination

Vue’s renderer is equipped with today’s newest technologies: GI, radiosity, area lights, image based lighting and HDRI support. Thanks to e-on’s EasyGI™, getting all settings right is as easy as moving a single slider.

Realistic materials

Realistic Fresnel glass and water, sub-surface scattering, high amplitude displacement, blurred reflections, glossy paint effects… Choose from a large library of preset materials or custom-create your own shaders.

Realistic natural environments

For outdoor renders, there simply is no match to Vue. Easily set up natural environments with SolidGrowth™ vegetation, EcoSystems™, Spectral atmospheres and procedural terrains. Quickly change lighting and atmospheres to visualize the product in different daytime and weather conditions.


Vue xStream - the Integrated Solution

With Vue xStream, you can create, edit and render complete, fully animated Vue scenes directly in 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and Softimage. This is the most streamlined and effective solution for product visualization.


  Vue in Automobile Advertising Projects  
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Vue plays a major role in these Audi and Durango images, created at Clor Studios in Auburn Hills, Michigan by digital photographer and CG artist Chris Clor.

Chris uses Vue to meet the challenge of combining CG rendered vehicles with realistic CG environments and foliage to create samples for art directors at several major Detroit ad agencies. His clients include Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Nissan, to name but a few.

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“I wanted to incorporate computer-generated foliage and natural lighting effects into these images and Vue was the logical choice

“I appreciate the superior rendering engine within Vue and its capability to produce a stunning level of realism.”









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