Application Development Made Easy

Application Development Made Easy


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The entire system is object-oriented and all application components have metadata definitions. Application behavior can be changed just by changing the metadata.


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MaxBlox is architected for flexibility and ease of use. The entire system is based on a detailed and comprehensive Metadata structure.


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We take great pride in partnering with companies provide cutting edge solutions and help us continue to do what we do everyday.



Welcome to MaxBlox!

►MaxBlox is a complete application development platform. The entire system is web-based and allows the ability to build applications that operate

   over the web. This is architected as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) system.

►The system allows the ability to build an application by creating the tables, forms, and reports necessary, using screens with simple drop-down

    choices. No coding is necessary to build a standard maintenance application. Basic maintenance and reporting takes up more than 50% of the

    effort in most applications and the system reduces that effort dramatically.

►Since the system dynamically creates all forms and reports that are necessary, it operates very consistently across all applications and all users.

   The user does not have to decide position of fields, data validation, and data updates, etc. Because of this the application quality is much higher

   since human error is not introduced into the application.

►The application can be rolled out to users easily, since it is web-based and is protected by user security. The application can be hosted within the

    firewall or accessible to users outside on the internet.

►MaxBlox also has sophisticated functionalities such as Workflow and Analytics that the average application development just would not have the

    time or priority to include.








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