Dr.Web Anti-virus For Linux

Dr.Web Anti-virus For Linux

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux

Protection against malicious programs targeting Linux and other platforms



Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux


  • Constant monitoring of all objects at risk of infection—removable media, email, files and directories, including packaged and archived data
  • Protects against unknown threats using the improved non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing™ and an intelligent heuristic analyzer.
  • With the unique FLY-CODE™ technology at its disposal, Dr.Web detects and removes malware disguised with unknown packers
  • Neutralizes viruses, Trojans and other malware.
  • Comprehensive databases for detecting spyware, riskware, adware, hack tools, and jokers.
  • The solution’s architecture has been specifically designed to reduce CPU load and memory consumption.
  • Install, configure and run the anti-virus via the command line.
  • File monitor is highly resistant to attempts by malicious programs to disrupt its operation.
  • Multi-thread scanning significantly improves performance in multi-core systems.
  • Anti-virus scan modes include express, full and custom scan—the latter can be launched manually.
  • New! Scan running processes to neutralise active threats including Windows malware launched via Wine.
  • Different actions can be performed with different types of objects; cure, move to the quarantine, delete; action sequences allow you to define which action will be applied to an object if the first action can't be performed
  • User-defined file and path exclusions.
  • New! Full HTTP/HTTPS traffic scanning and Internet access control
  • New! Scanning of links directly from the browser
  • The quarantine isolates infected files; quarantine storage time and maximum size can be specified.
  • Curing, restoring and removal of quarantined objects.
  • The anti-virus log contains time of each event, name of the scanned object and the type of action applied to the object
  • Automatic (scheduled) and on-demand updating.
  • Apply configuration changes and add new key files on the fly.
  • Virus notifications, including event sounds, for all viral events.
  • The anti-virus modules are available as command prompt utilities which can be used independently.

Only proprietary anti-virus technologies

All rights to Dr.Web technologies are reserved by Doctor Web. Doctor Web is one of the few anti-virus vendors in the world to have its own technologies to detect and cure malware, an anti-virus laboratory, and a global virus monitoring service that collects malware samples all over the Internet. This allows the lab to respond rapidly to new threats, especially those of Russian origin.

Dr.Web anti-virus software allows our customers to effectively withstand any threats, even those not yet known.

•   Reliable protection from all malicious programs including those that haven't been            analysed by Doctor Web yet.



•   The Anti-virus works concurrently and independently for each active account, with no        additional configuration required.



•   High Speed anti-virus scanning`



•   Sparing use of system resources and low updating traffic make the Dr.Web Anti-virus      for Linux’s operation virtually invisible.



•   With asynchronous scanning, you can instantly perform any operation on any type of        file.



•   Full HTTP traffic scanning and Internet access control



•   Protection from Windows-specific threats launched under Linux



•   New in version 11! Remote scanning of systems on which the installation of an anti-        virus is impossible



•   Dr.Web for Linux will never freeze your machine during scanning—even if an error            occurs.



And also


  • Stylish interface

  • Simple administration and customization.

Many people believe that:


  • Linux and its software are impregnable to infection due to its perfect design and open-source nature.

  • Malware can get on a machine only through user carelessness and negligence.

This is a fallacy! And such attitudes lead to unprotected machines becoming uncontrollable and turning into safe havens for malware.


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