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Calibry Nest

Calibry Nest is a combination of two software programs: one that is “embedded” (preinstalled on your 3D scanner) and one that is meant for your desktop or laptop computer.




































A simple, yet powerful
program inside your

In Drake and Calibry 3D scanner an embedded software program is pre-installed on the internal computer of the scanners. This software launches when you start your scanner and facilitates the acquisition of 3D data. Using the build-in touch screen, control the scanner with the help of this straightforward program. The interface is simple to use and understand. It has several buttons (such as “Start”, “Stop”, “Power Off”) and a few settings for the adventurous users (such as “Sensitivity” parameters to help when scanning in bright lighting conditions).























The embedded software program allows the user to perform several important functions:

Start preview mode, start scanning, stop scanning, power off the device

Delete unnecessary data from the scanner’s hard-drive

Choose scanning mode (are you scanning with or without markers?)

Transfer data to a USB flash drive or to a computer nearby via WIFI

Choose sensitivity level (important when scanning shiny objects or scanning outside on a bright day)

Choose texture brightness and level of filter to reduce noise

This software will also show you the battery indicator, the number of markers the camera sees in real time, and a distance gauge to help you find the perfect distance to your object during scanning.

































































Once scanning is done, transfer the data via USB flash drive to your computer to finalize the model and export it. At Thor3D, we developed this software keeping in mind both experienced and novice users and that is why there are two modes in the program: Simple and Advanced.

Simple Mode

The Simple mode has exactly four buttons (Open, Start, Save, and Settings). Use this mode if you plan to scan the same type of objects all the time (let’s say you only scan humans on a turntable for 3D printing). Configure the settings once and press “Start” each time you import a model from Calibry 3D scanner or Drake. All post-processing is done automatically and you will see the data on the screen turn from raw data to a finaliz








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