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BigRep 3D printers were created for a range of applications: from industrial rapid prototyping to ready-to-go design products. They provide you an affordable and easy-to-use technology for large objects and ideas.

Big, Bigger, the Biggest
build volume

With a capacity of one cubic meter, the BigRep ONE provides the largest FFF build volume for professional and industrial use.

Speed and Precision.
From initial concept to end product

Ideal for both office & industrial environment, the BigRep STUDIO enables the fast and precise printing of large-scale objects.


Both 3D printers are optimized for large scale 3D printing. They are created to ease the process production of one-to-one models and large-scale products. Printing a large amount of parts is also possible by splitting print jobs among several machines in a “print farm”, to increase efficiency, variability and speed.

● With the BigRep ONE your business will have access to a large industrial machine with an open format. The BigRep STUDIO provides a fast and powerful 3D print service that can be installed in any working environment.

● You can choose between single or dual extrusion configuration. Having two print heads enables you to print with different filaments, which helps in the printing of complex parts that needs support material or two different colors.

● The all-metal hot-end of the extruders allows for a large variety of 3D printing filaments. BigRep also provides you with high-quality material for your 3D printers.

● The graphical user interface provides of features to monitor your work. Its user-friendly interface was developed in-house and is available for both 3D printers. Short introduction video












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