3D Connexion Mouse Users Reviews

3D Connexion Mouse Users Reviews


UserThe value of 3Dconnexion's products extends far beyond the hardware itself but don't take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say!





  • Nico Hinderhofer, Construction Gears and Winches, Zollern GmbH & Co. KG

    The ergonomic benefits of both products are very clear and the CadMouse is suitable for a variety of hand sizes.

    The SpaceMouse Enterprise is even more comfortable than the SpacePilot Pro, and I appreciate being able to adjust the assignment of keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Esc etc) in the driver interface. I'm very satisfied with the view buttons and the possibility to save views with the custom view buttons. The Delete button is by far and away the most frequently used button and I am now used to the six function buttons on the top right, which I initially felt were a bit far away. The beautiful, wide screen displaying application command icons makes the SpaceMouse Enterprise stand out from its predecessors.

    There is literally nothing to complain about with the CadMouse, except having to adjust which finger accesses the right mouse button! It's really easy to customize the buttons, including the radial menu's and I also like the smart scroll wheel, especially compared to Logitech products. Ultimately, the special CAD functions such as the radial menus and QuickZoom are the main arguments for this mouse. The ease of zooming in and out using the thumb buttons has been particularly fascinating for the team as we are developing very complex systems and it is much more comfortable to maneuver in and out with this unique feature. The bottom line is that CadMouse perfectly fulfills its function, is comfortable to use and allows fast, smooth cursor control. A nice additional benefit of the generously size CadMouse Pad is that it covers joints in the desk providing an even surface.


    Product: SpaceMouse Enterprise, CadMouse

    Application: Solid Edge


  • Comfortable to use and helpful features

  • Concerns over being able to use both hands are a distant memory

    Matthew Hunt, Mechanical Design Engineer, De La Rue, UK

    I've been using a SpaceMouse since the mid 1990's, and can't imagine working without one. When faced with a workstation without a SpaceMouse, it feels like I've lost the use of my left hand!

  • I cannot imagine a better hardware tool

    Marek Stępień, Design Engineer, Rolls-Royce Poland

    I like the intuitive operating features. I cannot imagine a better hardware tool for making the design process faster and more effective in NX. Also, when presenting my work it is very elegant to position the model so smoothly.

    Product: SpaceMouse Pro
    Application: NX

  • Thank you so much!

    Troy Nielsen, Barnett Structures

    I've been using the CadMouse with my SpacePilot Pro for less than a week and right away I notice the precision it has, so nice in your hand. I have been using the SpacePilot Pro now for 2 years which I love. Now with the two together drafting is fun again. Thank you again for keeping in mind the ones who do the work.  Years of drafting with CAD with junk hardware has finally been resolved. GREAT WORK 3DCONNEXION.

    Product: SpacePilot Pro, CadMouse

    Application: Microstation


  • This is a tool that helps you and your company

    Jon Eriksen, Project Engineer, UNGER FABRIKKER AS, Norway


    I have been using 3Dconnexion 3D mice for over 6 years and have been addicted to the functionality you get by using it. I can operate my software without it, but it is more than twice as easy to navigate with it so therefore I always use it when I make designs. The great thing about 3Dconnexion is that you get full-size desktop, travel sizes and wireless versions. I have them all due to presentation I make in meetings and presentations in various places. It is ok for navigating the model but for 8 hour designing, I would prefer the desktop version (SpacePilot Pro) as it has much more functions to access with my fingertips. My efficiency would decrease if I had to design without it. The last good thing that happens is a CadMouse. This is a quality mouse and it took me a few days to get used to it, but now I love it. It is also the same good quality as rest of 3Dconnexion product. 

    The only drawback for me is that security control in airports are not so familiar with this kind of product and always ask what it is. This means I do not leave it in my bag but put it on the top of my computer through security check to reduce hold ups. 

    I initially thought the price was a little bit high, but when you speed up designing its earning both in time and in money. Sometimes time is more important than money due to deadlines so this is a tool that helps you and your company.

    Product: CadMouse, SpacePilot Pro, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, SpaceNavigator for Notebooks
    Application: Inventor


  • Why I love my CadMouse when using AutoCAD & Inventor

    Mike Thomas, Design & Motion


    The sticker price might be a bit of a shock, but think about it this way…. what else do you use day-in and day-out working all day (evening) long? The form of this thing is the winner and having 7-easily customizable buttons, readily accessible, just adds to the experience. 3Dconnexion has really thought of everything with this device, even down to designing a seriously smooth and much bigger than average mouse pad (purchase separately).

    Product: CadMouse

    Application: Inventor, AutoCAD



  • I wasn't sure if the cost-benefit would weigh up. It did, a thousand times over

    Iain Finlay, Industrial Designer, nsquared (digitable.co)

    I most like the collaborated work effort between both hands! It's not just faster, it's easier, and healthier. Can't stand working without it. 

    Product: SpacePilot Pro

    Application: SOLIDWORKS


  • SpaceMouse Pro provides valuable versatility

    Fernando Macias, Administrador PDM & PLM SISTEMA WINDCHILL, IMEM Ascensores


    From my point of view, the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro is an extremely useful and necessary tool for working with CAD.

    We dedicate 80% of our workday to designing with PTC CREO, and the user-friendly SpaceMouse Pro’s help us to work more quickly. With its Six-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor, SpaceMouse Pro allows us to move objects around the screen more quickly and easily. Additional functions to preselect views and controlled rotation are also incredibly useful. Another major feature is the easy creation of macros, so we can get the most out of each mode (sketch, part, assembly, etc) and we obviously save time by reducing the need to move our hand to the standard keyboard.

    In addition to working with CAD, SpaceMouse Pro opens up new ways to interact with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.

    Product: SpaceMouse Pro

    Software: PTC Creo


  • You have to try it!

    Scott Moyse, Editor, Design & Motion


    Would I buy one? Yes…. but I didn’t buy a high end mouse previously when I really should have. So why would I this time? For exactly the same reason why I bought my SpaceNavigator way back when, it was a seriously well made device, designed specifically for CAD users. I was happy to part with US$99 for that then, so I would be for CadMouse.

    Product: CadMouse

    Application: SOLIDWORKS, Inventor



  • You’ll feel this thing once and never want to go back.

    Jonathan Landeros, Editor, Inventor Tales


    At 99 €, it costs more than many mice, so sticker shock might be an issue.  But if much of your job is driving a CAD machine, this is an investment that will pay off quickly, especially with the ability to customize the buttons.

    Product: CadMouse

    Application: Inventor



  • I was skeptical at first

    Luke Johnson, Editor, What Revit Wants


    The 3Dconnexion CadMouse itself is a high quality device, and it is a real pleasure to use. It reminds us why mice used to have 3 buttons, but it adds so much more. If you are someone who loves customizing your working environment to maximize your productivity, the CadMouse will enable a level of control you may not have had before.

    Product: CadMouse

    Application: Revit, Navisworks



  • Precise clicking and high resolution

    John Cochrane, Product Manager, GrabCAD


    So, for me, the CadMouse was a very helpful addition to my workstation, which made using SOLIDWORKS more comfortable and efficient by way of the mouse’s extra precision and the separation of the middle mouse button and scroll wheel functions.

    Product: CadMouse

    Application: SOLIDWORKS



  • No more pain

    Dennis Harjamaa, Yacht designer, ARTNAUTICA Yacht design Ltd

    I like the intuitive feel I get to modelling. With a SpaceMouse I can concentrate on the modelling itself, not moving things on the screen. My productivity went way up after starting to use it. It is a natural companion to a Wacom pen tablet. My wrist is a lot happier too, no more pain.

    Product: SpaceMouse Wireless

    Application: Rhino


  • It feels telepathic

    Andrew Miller, Engineer, Sikorsky

    I love the ability to virtually hold the item on the screen while very accurately and delicately moving, rotating, and zooming, at what feels like a telepathic level. Before using the SpaceMouse Pro, the ease of configuration to my application was what I feared most. Fortunately, that was extinguished almost immediately upon hooking it up!

    Product: SpaceMouse Pro

    Application: CATIA


  • It's as easy as thinking

    Paul Munford, CAD Manager, Cadsetterout.com


    My 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse makes navigating my 3D models in Inventor as easy as thinking. I first used a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse at Autodesk University. It felt a bit weird at first, but it actually only took about an hour to get comfortable. I would recommend a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse to anyone who uses 3D CAD. You will wonder how you did without it!

    Product: SpaceNavigator
    Application: Inventor



  • Royal Huisman's experience of 3Dconnexion 3D mice

    Lambertus Oosterveen, CAD Manager at Royal Huisman

    When working in 3D, using only a 2D mouse limits your capabilities. Adding a 3D mouse makes it much easier to position your models or views, increasing productivity and saving hundreds of mouse clicks a day. With a 3D mouse in one hand and a normal mouse in the other you are able to combine movements, motions and clicks. So a 3D mouse is an essential tool of an engineer and not just a gadget.

    Product: SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceMouse Wireless, SpaceNavigator

    Application: Rhino, AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks, SSI ShipConstructor


  • I like my 3D mouse A LOT!

    Jonathan Landeros, Mechanical Engineer, Can Lines Engineering

    It makes navigation much smoother and easier and I love the fact that it makes navigation consistent across multiple programs with native navigation tools.

    Product: SpacePilot Pro, SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceMouse Wireless

    Application: Inventor


  • The ability to program the buttons on the SpacePilot Pro is a real movement/time saver

    Chip Ford, Owner, Ford and Associates

    I love the ability to move the object around without any jerky movements. I particularly find the ability to program the buttons on the SpacePilot Pro to be a real movement/time saver. I use the SpaceMouse Wireless when I am away from my desk and on the road.

    Product: SpacePilot Pro, SpaceMouse Wireless

    Application: SketchUp


  • The money spent on a good mouse is worth it

    Lars Christensen, CAM Technical Marketing Manager, Autodesk


    So, is the 3Dconnexion CadMouse worth it? I believe it is. It’s very comfortable to use, and is beautifully designed. Also, it has a few functions that raise it above a standard mouse, like the dedicated middle mouse button for panning and rotating.


    Product: CadMouse

    Application: Inventor, Inventor HSM




  • If you navigate a lot

    Graeme Kern, Integration Engineer, Ignition Networks

    They are such a time saver. It feels so natural to navigate any model in SOLIDWORKS, and any schematic or PCB in Altium. It takes away the need to scroll in and out with the mouse wheel. It's great for navigating in large schematics, and with the built in 3D ability of Altium it just makes sense to be able to grab the same mouse I use in SOLIDWORKS.

    Product: SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

    Application: SOLIDWORKS


  • Shift up a gear

    Peter Blake, Owner, PB Industrial Design

    The SpaceNavigator for Notebooks is just an extension of my left hand. The speed to produce 3D CAD data is greatly enhanced. I often have to present complex 3D layouts and machinery to customers and it feels great when you hear them say wow. If you are using any 3D CAD product without a 3D mouse then you are still working in first gear. Speed up your production and make your work easier with a 3D mouse.

    Product: SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

    Application: Solid Edge


  • Well made and saves you tons of money!

    Coleman Knabe, Student, M.E. + Robotics, Virginia Tech

    I most appreciate the productivity boost. Now I can rotate/zoom/drag parts around while using the standard mouse to click sketches and extrusions. Assigning repetitive CAD functions to the two buttons further increases this productivity. All of the Mechanical Engineers at Virgina Tech use 3Dconnexion products.

    Product: SpaceNavigator for Notebooks

    Application: NX


  • Just give one a try

    Jeff Holliday, Prod Designer, Woodstream Corp

    I was initially concerned about using both hands and coordinating between them. But after a few days of getting used to it, I wouldn't want to without one now! It's the freedom to navigate thru commands, features and views with less interruption of the workflow. Anyone with an open mind about trying something different should give the products a try.

    Product: SpaceNavigator, SpaceMouse Pro, CadMouse

    Application: SOLIDWORKS














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