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As an artist, you want to realize your visions without being bogged down by cryptic menus and steep learning curves. To beartistic rather than technical. To create rather than figure out how to use the software. To get the best of 3D without the headache:)

Vue is widely used by artists around the world because it provides that perfect balance between a rich feature set and unmatched ease of use. And it comes in 3 different families, so whether you are a 3D enthusiast, a 3D artist or a CG professional, you’ll find the right program to fit your needs.


Recommended products for artists:

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Vue Pioneer

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Vue Esprit

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Vue Studio

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Vue Complete

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Vue Infinite


  Highlights for Artists  
  • Clear interface - easy to master - intuitive workflow
  • Hundreds of preset atmospheres, plants, materials and objects to get you going fast
  • High-quality renderer – from soft “painterly” style to crisp realism
  • Powerful Spectral atmosphere engine with volumetric clouds
  • global illumination, radiosity and imaged-based lighting*
  • Sub-surface scattering, displacement mapping, caustics
  • Extensive import capabilities and tight Poser integration
  • Tablet-driven terrain carving
  • SolidGrowth™ plant generation - no two plants look exactly alike
  • EcoSystems™ - populate your scenes with millions of plants, rocks or any object in one click*
  • Interactively paint and modify EcoSystems*
  • Unlimited render resolution - for any printing job*
  • Extensive compositing tools with Photoshop support for post-processing and compositing*

A Rich Toolset for the Creative Mind

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Mood and lighting

Whether you produce dreamy fantasy art, brightly lit landscapes, ominous sci-fi worlds, or cool urban cityscapes, Vue's advanced lighting options and extensive atmospheric features give you full control over the mood and character of your art.

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Rendering styles

Vue's render engine is equipped with the latest high-end technologies such as global illumination, HDRI image based lighting, area lights and soft shadows. It is flexible enough to output a variety of styles, from soft “painterly” images to crisp realism.

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Rich, enticing art

E-on’s unique SolidGrowth plants are grown inside the software. This means that each and every plant of the same species will be uniquely different.

Using the revolutionary EcoSystem technology, you can easily create immensely detailed scenes that would be virtually impossible to achieve otherwise.

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Tight Poser integration

If you are a Poser artist, you’ll appreciate Vue’s full support for Poser: dynamic hair and cloth, re-posing inside Vue, rendering using the Poser shader tree and animated scenes import. Create beautiful and evocative surroundings for your digital Poser characters!


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Multi-layer Photoshop export*

The multi-pass render in Vue Infinite lets you easily separate each element or object in your scene, and automatically render a multi-layer Photoshop file, ready for post processing and compositing. The outmost convenience for combining 3D and 2D art!


  Vue in Advertising  
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Platinum Studio used Vue in combination with Lightwave for a Nissan Terrano advertising project. This is their impression of Vue:

"What's fantastic with Vue is that it's an extremely powerful software, with a really fast renderer andsuperior quality, photo-realistic output.

Vue communicates well with the main 3D software on the market and it's very easy to work with. We never found another tool that could handle that many polygons so quickly; it's really impressive!"




  Vue in Reader's Digest World Atlas  
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Artist and illustrator Jurgen Ziewe created a double-page illustration for Reader's Digest World Atlas. Here is why he chose Vue for the job:


“Vue allows me to be a director, photographer and painter all at the same time with the greatest creative freedom! Vue is versatile and powerful in controlling textures and terrains, and the colors are natural. The program is very intuitive."










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