Teramind Remote Employee Monitoring

Teramind Remote Employee Monitoring


Remote Employee Monitoring


How can I get started with remote employee monitoring?

Step 1

Open an Account

Sign up to Teramind cloud employee monitoring software for free. No credit card required.

Step 2

Install Agents

Invite remote employees to install the revealed monitoring agents on their machine, deciding on either full or part-time monitoring.

Step 3

Customize Settings

Customize each alert and monitoring setting to perfectly tailor the platform to your requirements.


Take Control!

Access all features within Teramind's platform for unrivaled monitoring capabilities that enhance security and productivity.



With employees scattered around the globe, organizations are in a need for an all-inclusive monitoring solution to track employee time, departmental projects, and overall productivity. Teramind provides employers with a powerful monitoring solution to accurately evaluate full user activity, get detailed insight on the progression of departmental projects, and fully analyze user actions to determine the amount of time spent on productive tasks..

Teramind provides time tracking solutions which incorporate full video playback of any reported instance, user activity levels, and a wide array of productivity reports. Remote employees can enjoy the simplicity of tracking their time with Teramind with the click of a mouse. Once the Teramind agent is started, all user actions are recorded and data is immediately visible on your dashboard.

Remote Employee Monitoring Benefits


Schedule employees by shift or workload and easily inform all employees about updates to their schedules.



Employers have full visibility into all their employees actions which also provides employers the ability to implement quality control. This means employers can make sure all emails sent are professional, documents created meet company standards, and all company customer chat representatives are helpful.



Train employees remotely. Teramind offers a remote desktop control feature which means you can train all your staff around the world by personally guiding them through the processes they need to learn.


Teramind Customer Testimonial

With Teramind, we have been able to enhance our security system with monitoring capabilities that consistently protect our data from threats. With our company expanding at a rapid pace, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the actions of each employee. Thanks to Teramind, however, not only has its software added critical security support, but its behavior analytics and productivity analysis features have led to massive reductions in payroll spending.

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