Bentley RAM Structural System V8i

RAM Structural System V8i


The Only Software Created Specifically for the Analysis and Design of Buildings

The RAM Structural System is the only fully integrated engineering software with complete building analysis, design and drafting for BOTH steel and concrete structures.


The RAM Structural System is a specialized engineering software tool for the complete analysis, design, and drafting of both steel and concrete buildings. It optimizes workflows through the creation of a single model by providing specialized design functions for buildings and by providing thorough documentation. 



  • RAM Structural System allows for the analysis and design of a building using a single model. The entire structure can be modeled, including decks, slabs, slab edges and openings, beams, columns, walls, braces, spread and continuous footings, and pile caps. This full structural model increases designer confidence and creates an efficient environment when dealing with changes.
  • The RAM Structural System increases productivity by performing the tedious and time-consuming functions specific to the design of a building such as calculation of live load reductions and lateral load calculations for wind and seismic. In addition, designs are optimized for both concrete and steel.
  • Your competitive advantage is realized with the thorough documentation. RAM Structural System automatically provides steel material takeoffs and detailed and summary reports of design calculations and drawings. And for BIM, RAM Structural System offers bidirectional integration with CADstudio and Bentley’s Structural Modeler, Structural DocumentationCenter, and Autodesk's Revit Structure.

Used by thousands of design firms, steel fabricators, and educators, from one-person firms to some of the largest E&C companies in the world, the RAM Structural System is helping to redefine how engineers work.

Visit our RAM Structural System case study page to read about these global projects. 



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New Science and Classroom Building, Eastern Connecticut State University, courtesy S/L/A/M Collarborative


  • Structural\civil engineers
  • Architects
  • Educators

Firms Type

  • Structural\civil engineering firms
  • Universities
  • Structural consultants

Firms Size

  • Small to large size companies

User Project

UTI chose RAM Structural System for 3D modeling of industrial structures


1. Complete Building Solution

In the RAM Structural System the entire structure is modeled, including decks, slabs, slab edges and openings, beams, columns, walls, braces, spread and continuous footings and pile caps. The structural members can be of any material, including steel, concrete, masonry and timber, and the model can include any combination of these. The complete set of floor and roof loads, gravity and lateral, of any complexity are included. This full structural model better captures the effects of member interaction.


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2. Automates Tedious and Repetitive Design Tasks

The RAM Structural System performs the most tedious and time-consuming design tasks in a project. For example, member design loads are automatically determined, including distribution of floor and roof load to supporting members; application of beam reactions to supporting girders, columns and walls; column and foundation load takedown; inclusion of deck, slab and member self-weight; and calculation of Live Load reductions, and lateral load calculations for wind and seismic.   In addition, designs are optimized for both concrete and steel.


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3. Increase Your Profitability and  Provide a Better Service to Your Client

Freed from the time demands of repetitive and extensive calculations, you will not only save time and therefore increase your profitability but you will be able to use your creativity and engineering knowledge to solve the issues that have greater impacts on the cost, performance and suitability of the structure. You will be enabled to investigate multiple options and differing schemes of framing layouts and member properties and materials in a matter of minutes. As a result you will be providing your client with a more constructible and economical product.  In addition, you will be able to take on more projects and grow your business.


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4. Deal with Changes in a Timely Manner

Time is a valuable commodity; prolonged schedules and delays during construction are costly. Much of the success of a project, financially and otherwise, depends on the engineer producing designs and responding to changes in a timely manner. With the automation provided by RAM Structural System changes can be dealt with quickly and much less painfully. The timely response to changes and the increased quality and completeness of the design and of the design documents will result in fewer construction conflicts and errors, and hence a reduction in the resulting delays; the entire project will be completed in a more timely manner.



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5. Intuitive User Interface

Providing the best tools to you also makes you most productive and efficient on your projects. Therefore the RAM Structural System provides a simple yet functional user-friendly interface, which is especially tailored for structural engineers. This significantly shortens the learning curve for new users so that they can start using the program for real-time projects in a very short amount of time.


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6. A Successful Reputation in the Market

RAM Structural System has been used by many engineers and designers in thousands of projects all around the globe, and it has already proved its success and its reliability for more than 16 years. Providing robust, efficient and productive tools and aggressively developing reliable programs for engineers, RAM Structural System has become the leader in the market for the analysis and design of building systems.


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