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STAAD.Pro is the structural engineering professional’s choice for steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and cold-formed steel design of virtually any structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, piles, and much more through its flexible modeling environment, advanced features, and fluent data collaboration.


Advanced Analysis And Design

With an array of advanced analysis capabilities including linear static, response spectra, time history, cable, and pushover and non-linear analyses, STAAD.Pro V8i provides your engineering team with a scalable solution that will meet the demands of your project every time.

STAAD.Pro V8i will eliminate the countless man-hours required to properly load your structure by automating the forces caused by wind, earthquakes, snow, or vehicles. In addition, no matter what material you are using or what country you are designing your structure for, STAAD.Pro V8i can easily accommodate your design and loading requirements, including U.S., European (including the Eurocodes), Nordic, Indian, and Asian codes. Even special codes like AASHTO, ASCE 52, IBC, and the U.S. aluminum code can be catered to.

With an unparalleled quality-assurance program, open architecture for customization, and a 25-year track record – including such projects as the MCI Stadium in Washington DC, Wimbledon Court No1 in Europe, and the tallest transmission tower in Asia – STAAD.Pro V8i is the perfect workhorse for your design firm.

Extremely Flexible Modeling Environment

The power of STAAD.Pro V8i is in an interface that is based on the latest programming technology, which means that 80% of new users learn to use STAAD.Pro V8i efficiently in under two hours. Along with our tutorial movies, we include online help and dozens of examples to illustrate solutions to commonly raised modeling, analysis, and design issues.

Broad Spectra of Design Codes

Steel, concrete, timber and aluminum design codes from all around the world including a number of historical codes means that you can take STAAD.Pro V8i to wherever your company works.

Interoperability and Open Architecture

STAAD.Pro V8i is more than an analysis and design tool. From simple importing of CAD models to custom links to third-party applications using OpenSTAAD, it can be the heart of your structural solution. When integrated with ProjectWise® V8i, your STAAD.Pro V8i models can be efficiently managed with the leading project collaboration system.

Quality Assurance

STAAD.Pro V8i is the only software that has gone through ISO 9001 certification and has passed the stringent software validation requirements of the nuclear industry (10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21 and ASME NQA-1-2000).









Extremely Flexible Structural Modeling Environment

How easy is it to use and learn STAAD.Pro? STAAD has an intuitive graphical environment and in a recent survey, 80 percent of our customers learned how to use it in under two hours. We revolutionized the concurrent use of spreadsheets, an AutoCAD-like graphical modeler, and a text-based input language editor. With over 40 step-by-step movie tutorials and hundreds of examples and verification problems, even a novice computer user can become productive in a matter of days. Along with our movie tutorials, we also include an online help documentation that provides examples and explanations on hundreds of topics. In addition, we offer an unparalleled certified training program as well as on-site and in-house trainings.

Flexible structural modeling environment
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Broad Spectra of Structural Design Codes

Are you tired of using one software to do your modeling, another one for your steel design, and yet another one to design your concrete beams, slabs, and foundations? Since the 1980s, STAAD.Pro has encompassed concrete and steel design, making it a true one-stop-shop structural environment. STAAD.Pro is used by companies like Jacobs, Parsons, and URS/Greiner who create some of the largest steel plants in the world, while companies like CH2M HILL, Montgomery Watson Harza, and Bechtel design some of the most complex concrete tanks, clarifiers, and mats worldwide. And companies like BE & K in Alabama and Kellogg Brown and Root in Houston utilize STAAD.Pro to optimize their structures consisting of both steel and concrete. We even support all current and historical codes including ASD, LRFD (2nd and 3rd Editions), ACI 318 (1995, 1999 and 2002), UBC (1985, 1994, 1997), IBC (2000 and 2003) and ASCE 7 (1995, 2002, 2005). STAAD.Pro will optimize your steel structures with full control of parameters like drift, deflection, depth, etc and calculate the reinforcement for your concrete columns, beams, slabs and even shear walls.

Broad Spectra of Structural Design Codes
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International Best Seller

Since its introduction into the market in 1981, STAAD was thrown onto the international scene with its implementation of the British codes. Currently, we support over 70 international codes and approximately 20 US codes. Forty-seven out of the top 50 ENR companies actively use STAAD.Pro in their offices worldwide. We have global offices staffed with engineers that develop, maintain, and support STAAD.Pro  in their respective local regions.  STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design software supports seven languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian) through an engineering staff of over 80 engineers (Masters, PhDs, PEs). No other company has nearly half the staff supporting their products.

International Best Selling Structural Analysis & Design Software
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Interoperability and Open Architecture

Unlike most structural software, STAAD.Pro can be customized by you to exactly fit your design needs.  STAAD.Pro is developed on an open architecture called OpenSTAAD. All of the functions related to input or output are available to you, such as GetMaximumBendingMoment or AddUniformLoad. We also include a parametric library of pre-built commonly used structures like trusses, buildings, mats, etc. that can be customized by your company for modeling repetitive structures. You can even add your own templates! With OpenSTAAD, you can automatically link output from your model to Excel or MathCAD.  When the model changes, your Excel routine does as well! In addition, STAAD.Prohas an embedded VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) editor which enables you to write your own design, loading, or post-processing routines directly in the STAAD environment. Users have written routines that performed alternate span loading, renumbered members, created sub-structures that were highly repetitive, and have even designed an octagonal base plate.


Interoperability and Open Architecture of Structural Software
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Covering All Aspects of Structural Engineering

STAAD.Pro is an application for all types of structure and includes tools designed to aid specific structural engineering tasks. For example, for the bridge engineer, STAAD.beava incorporates a powerful influence surface generator to assist in locating vehicles for maximum effects. The Section Wizard can be used to calculate properties for non-standard sections. Finite element modeling is an art which requires careful consideration, including the quality of meshes being created. The Advanced Mesher provides this functionality and allows visual checks on the quality.

In addition, STAAD.Pro works in conjunction with programs such as STAAD.foundation, which allows foundations to be designed, STAAD.offshore, which allows for design of offshore structures, RAM Concept,  for concrete slab design including post-tensioning,  Bentley REBAR for reinforcing detailing, Bentley AutoPIPE, for calculation of pipe stresses, Structural Modeler for drawing production and BIM Solution, and RAM Connection, for steel connection design. Whether you’re engineering bridges, plants, or pipes, STAAD.Pro will streamline your efforts, ensuring success.

Covering All Aspects of Structural Engineering
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Quality Assurance

STAAD.Pro is the only structural analysis and design software that has gone through ISO 9001 certification and has passed the stringent software validation requirements of the nuclear industry (10CFR Part 50, 10CFR 21 and ASME NQA-1-2000). Every year, we are audited by companies like Entergy, Bechtel Power, ProtoPower, Altran Corporation, who exhaustively review our bug reporting procedures and our Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Quality Assurance of STAAD.pro Structural Analysis and Design Software
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Extremely Scalable

STAAD.Pro is best known for its accurate 3D linear static and P-delta analysis of multi-material structures. But did you know that the most powerful and widely used facets of STAAD.Pro are its soil-structure interaction, push-over and dynamic analyses? More engineers today are facing challenging structural problems including blast analysis, plastic pushover, fire propagation, earthquakes and even tsunamis.  Seismic codes around the world (IBC, NBCC, IS1893, NTC, EC8) are requiring more accurate modeling of flexible diaphragms and identification of plastic hinges (per FEMA 356/440). With STAAD.Pro, there is no need to use multiple software programs to check the integrity of your structure under different conditions. In one run, you can subject your structure to linear, dynamic, and non-linear conditions. STAAD.Pro can handle the smallest of truss structures to any size model. Element types include second and third beam/truss, 3- and 4-nodes plates, 8-noded solid/bricks, physical members, curvilinear beams, surface objects for shear walls and much more.

In addition, with the acquisition of STARDYNE line of products (used on the Apollo space mission as well as companies like Rocketdyne, Boeing, Siemens) and incorporated its nonlinear static, dynamic, buckling, and steady-state routines into STAAD. Our solution times have been benchmarked by universities all over the world against our competitors and year after year, we find that STAAD.Pro consistently posts the fastest time. STAAD.Prois well equipped to handle complex solutions. You want to feel confident that the product you are using today will fit your needs in the future so you don't have to reinvest and retrain on a new platform down the line.

STAAD.Pro is extremely scalable for structural designs
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Reports and Documentation

STAAD.Pro has one of the most powerful, and customizable, and high quality reports available so that you are able to provide your clients and engineers with exactly the information that is required, whether it is a two page summary of pictures exactly as seen onscreen or complete, fully detailed reports. If these need to be enhanced further then they can be exported directly into Microsoft Word®. Extracting data from the model such as the largest node displacement at a specific node becomes easy using an inbuilt Advanced Query, SQL tool. For those that wish to create contract drawings, this becomes possible as STAAD.Pro models can be linked to Structural Modeler.

Powerful, Customizable, & High Quality Reporting for Structural Engineers
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Technical Support by Structural Engineers

We want our users to find the easiest way to get their problems solved. STAAD.Pro offers a dynamic website with new tips and tricks and a discussion board for STAAD users around the world. Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page has over 1500 questions ranging from how to model a laterally loaded pile to the differences between plate and solid elements. We update the FAQ site consistently and all new postings are automatically e-mailed to all subscribers. Our discussion board is frequented by over 1000 engineers every month and monitored by Bentley/REI staff on a daily basis. With over 14 full-time support personnel, Bentley can provide 24/7 support no matter where you are in the world.

Technical Support by Structural Engineers
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An important part of purchasing any software is the ease of use and its associated learning curve. If software is going to be a pivotal part of your engineering design work, you should make sure you understand how you can maximize your efficiency and get a good return on your investment. STAAD.Pro is an extremely easy product to use. In a recent survey to our customers, we learned that 80% of them learned how to model, analyze and design their first structure in less than 2 hours! We provide over 35 movie tutorials that take you through the entire workflow process (step-by-step) at your own speed on various topics (adding a response spectra, modeling a foundation, doing a connection design, adding your first beams!). Along with our movie tutorials, we also include an online help documentation that provides examples and explanations on hundreds of topics. STAAD.Pro has been used to design simple steel or concrete residential buildings to $3 billion LNG plants. We understand that certain projects will force you to use aspects of the program you have never used before. 72% of our clients tell us that within 1 year of using the program, they realized that they were utilizing features that they had not planned on using when they originally purchased the program. We offer an unparalleled certified training program taught by Bentley staff and professionals in the industry. Over 1000 engineers have attended our beginning (STAAD Certified Engineer) and advanced classes (Advanced STAAD Certified Training) over the past 18 months. These two day classes are offered in cities around the US as well as in Canada, India, the UK, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. Bentley/REI also offerson-site and in-house training as well. With all of our training courses, we provide two training manuals where students can refer to for guidance. Many of our students have informed us that our training manuals are better than most university textbooks!

Further integration with Bentley Institute means that all your Bentley product training requirements can be efficiently coordinated and this most notably achieved at the annual BE conferences both in the US and Europe.


Bentley Structural Analysis and Design Software Training
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Technical requirements and languages

Technical requirements

  • Software: (None)
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium®-based or AMD Athlon™-based PC or workstation
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows® 2000
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Disk Space: 200 MB minimum free disk space


  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Russian

Coming soon:

  • Chinese