Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i

Comprehensive Building Information Modeling Software for the Design and Documention of Building Electrical Systems

Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i is a focused application for electrical engineers, designers, and electrical BIM practitioners responsible for the design, construction, operations, and maintenance of facility electrical systems. This application allows the user to design, analyze, document, collaborate on, build, and manage power, lighting, fire detection, security, communications, and other electrical/ electronic systems in a Building Information Modeling environment.

Supports All Engineering Workflow Phases

With an intuitive user interface, powerful modeling, design, and reporting tools, and extensive component libraries, Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i supports all phases of the engineering workflow, from conceptual to detailed design, from modeling of complex electrical subsystems to analysis, documentation, and management, integrating design, visualization, drawing production, and reporting of quantities and costs.

The software is an integral part of Bentley’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) portfolio of integrated design, engineering, and management applications for the entire lifecycle of constructed assets. Used on large and complex projects around the world, Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i supports all phases of the engineering workflow, from conceptual to detailed design, from modeling of complex electrical subsystems to analysis, documentation, and management, integrating design, visualization, drawing production, and reporting of quantities and costs.

Design and Modeling of Electrical Subsystems

Focusing on electrical design and engineering, Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i streamlines the design and modeling process for a variety of electrical subsystems, such as lighting, power, fire detection, security, communications, and other building subsystems. A comprehensive range of dedicated tools facilitates automated symbol placement, raceway design, cable and circuit routing, schedule generation and more, supporting a variety of international, country-specific and user-defined standards.

Stepwise Refinement of the Design Process

The concept of "stepwise refinement" allows design professionals to add more detailed information at different stages in the project lifecycle to support the incremental process of electrical design and to manage design changes.

Choice of 2D, 3D, or Both

The building information model can be created and manipulated in a traditional 2D plan or an advanced 3D model environment (or both) – using the same tools and an identical interface.

Automated Drawing Production and Coordination

Instead of driving the process, design and construction deliverables are virtually a by-product of the design workflow. Design data is entered only once and re-used over and over. Powerful features, such as automated generation of schematic diagrams and drawing legends, facilitate the rapid creation of construction drawings. Plans, sections, and elevations comply with user-definable drawing standards and rules for resymbolization and annotation. Coordination and consistency is thereby ensured across all documentation.

Integrated Schedules and Reporting

Electrical properties and user-definable attributes associated with electrical components can be used to query the information model, to make selective or global changes to electrical systems and non-graphical information, and to generate accurate schedules and reports, such as cable and device schedules, cost estimates, panel schedules, etc. Bidirectional interfaces to a variety of industry-standard power engineering and lighting design analysis programs, such as EDSA, ProDesign, Lumen Designer, DIALux and Relux, are provided. Interactive design and analytical interfaces in the design process ensure good design practices and eliminate errors associated with manual data input.

A Managed Environment

Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i can be integrated with ProjectWise® V8i, Bentley’s project team collaboration platform that manages access to project information across a LAN, WAN, VPN, or via the Internet. It publishes and synchronizes shared information, manages change, protects intellectual property rights, and more.

System Requirements


MicroStation® V8i v8.11 or higher

Processor: Intel® Pentium®-based or AMD Athlon-based PC or workstation

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows Vista, XP, Windows® 98/2000, Windows 7

Memory: 128mb RAM

Hard Disk: 200mb minimum free disk space

Input Device: Mouse or digitizing tablet (tablet on Windows requires WINTAB driver or Bentley’s Windows Digitizer Tablet Interface

Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i At-A-Glance

Building Information Modeling

• Design and documentation of lighting, power, fire detection, security, communications, and other electrical subsystems

• Choice to work in 2D plan or 3D model (or both) with the same tools and interface

• Automated circuiting, cable routing, raceway design, symbol placement

• Attributes and properties significant for design, analysis, installation, and management

• IFC 2x3 support

Cable Management

• Management of circuit devices, cable routes in raceways, and distribution board circuits

• Point-to-point, orthogonal, and raceway routed length calculations

• Raceway fill calculations

Raceway and Support Design

• Parametric raceway design, including cable trays and baskets, conduits, wireways, busways, and trucking systems in 2D and 3D

• Parametric raceway supports

• Logical connections across files

Integration with Lighting Design & Power Analysis Software

• Bidirectional interface with EDSA, ProDesign, elcoPower, and other industry-standard power-engineering programs

• Bidirectional interface with Lumen Designer, DIALux, Relux and other industry-standard lighting analysis programs fordesign and visualization

• Update model automatically with imported design changes to conductor size, luminaire types, arrangements, and manufacturer’s data

Comprehensive Symbol Libraries

• Symbols based on international standards

• Parametric 2D and 3D symbols

• Symbol Manager

Coordinated Construction Documentation

• Plans, sections, and elevations

• Automated schematic and block diagrams

• Automatic labeling and drawing legends

• Cable, panel, circuit, device, and luminaire schedules

• Cost estimates, bill of materials, and other reports

• Reports and schedules created in Microsoft Excel format for further processing and formatting

• Data synchronization between models and schedules

International and Company Standards Support

• Create, manage, verify, and enforce company and project standards

• Support for a variety of country-specific component libraries, including U.S. ANSI/IEEE, U.K. BS, and DIN/VDE

• Support of DGN, DWG, DXF, PDF, STEP, IGES, IFC, and other major industry standards

Interoperability with Building Design, Engineering, and Analysis

• Fully integrated with Bentley Architecture V8i, Structural Modeler V8i, Bentley Building Mechanical Systems V8i, and more

• A shared multi-disciplinary model for team collaboration and coordination

• Detection and management of interferences across multiple files and disciplines and ability to ensure work access and clearances of electrical equipment in conjunction with ProjectWise Clash Resolution Visa

• Simulation of construction schedules in conjunction with Navigator 8Vi and project management applications, such as Microsoft Project or Primavera P3

• Maximum interoperability of information between different specialized applications, CAD and BIM platforms, and design reviews of a project’s electrical information, facilitated by Bentley’s newly introduced i-model (a container for open infrastructure information exchange)

Integration with Management Environment

• Fully supported in ProjectWise V8i, Bentley’s comprehensive project team collaboration platform