Bentley Asset Lifecycle Infrastructure Information Management

AssetWise Provides Asset Lifecycle Information Management for Owner-Operators With Highly Engineered Assets

AssetWise - Asset Lifecycle Information and Infrastructure Management Software

AssetWise is a set of servers and services that provides superior asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) for owner-operators with highly engineered assets. AssetWise improves engineering information management integrity and operational efficiency while streamlining the business processes associated with sustaining infrastructure assets over their lifecycles.

Infrastructure Assets Present Unique Challenges

Infrastructure assets are unique because of their:

  • Scale, which often spans hundreds of miles or square miles
  • Complexity, which is often represented by a network or multiple networks
  • Life span, which is measured in decades, not years

      In addition, many infrastructure assets serve the public. Examples include power generation stations, road and rail networks, and pipelines that carry water or natural gas. The owners of these assets ultimately are responsible to the public for these services. Infrastructure assets are highly regulated and governed to ensure worker and public safety and consistency of service. Information must be accurate, accessible across the enterprise, auditable, and linked to requirements and regulations that govern the information.

      Poor Asset Information Management Increases Costs

      • During the development of infrastructure projects (CAPEX), poor asset information management (AIM) contributes to increased capital costs, extended project schedules, and increased project risk.
      • During operations and maintenance (OPEX), poor AIM increases operational costs, contributes to downtime and lost productivity, and adversely affects revenue.
      • Risk of noncompliance can lead to costly penalties and poor safety records.

      Infrastructure Owner-Operators Realize Significant Benefits with AssetWise

      Using AssetWise, owner-operators can:

      • Increase return on asset (ROA) by increasing the useful life of the asset and its productivity throughout its lifecycle
      • Manage business risk by meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring public safety and access to accurate information 
      • Improve operational performance by increasing infrastructure availability, shortening downtime and outages, and improving maintenance efficiency (wrench time).

      AssetWise Capabilities for Asset Information Applications

      AssetWise provides an extensive and interoperable set of asset information management applications and online services that generate and modify the underlying content/information defining the asset.

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