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Bentley Power Generation Solution

Bentley Re-use of Design Data for the Safe Operation of the Plant

The challenge: The Energy Information Administration projects strong growth for worldwide energy demand—a 57 percent increase over 26 years. But governments are establishing limits on the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter and mercury and so power companies are looking for ways to bring new alternative power processing plants onto the grid more quickly. 

The solution: The Bentley power generation solution leverages investments made in capital projects and facilitates re-use of this engineering data for the safe operation of the plant and its assets. 

The Bentley power generation solution provides a comprehensive solution for conceptual design, detail design, operation and maintenance with data-exchange connectors based on ISO15926 data models that facilitate interoperability with many forms of legacy data.


“Implementation brought standardization, repeatability and audit-ability. Engineering process audit ratings achieved are exceptional. We could consolidate many disparate systems lowering our IT maintenance and support costs. Engineering information is now in one repository, providing major savings in productivity of engineering staff. Unprecedented visibility of engineering information to facilitate decision making. Improved engineering activity management, better governance and more effective knowledge management.”

-Riekie Swanepoel, Engineer, Eskom South Africa

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