JOSHNELLY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a wholly indigenous Nigerian Company which was conceptually founded in 2010, and incorporated under the companies and allied decree with registration number RC 1020834 of 27th March, 2012, to offer excellent technology values to corporate, government and educational organizations through the delivery of world class technology solutions in Nigeria and beyond, in partnership with world-class technology companies.


Our Mission:

To be a well respected Technology Company of choice in Africa and beyond

To create exceptional value, service and opportunities for corporate, government, educational organizations and individuals, and to be recognized by shareholders and customers for excellence in all aspects of technology solutions delivery, and with major focus in quality 3D CAD engineering solutions and process automation technologies that yields good return on investment.


Our Vision:

“To build a world-class technology company that delivers exceptional value to customers through the integration of world class cutting-edge technologies.

Our hallmarks will be customer satisfaction, commitment to excellence, integrity, skilled teamwork, concern for environmental preservation and humanity. Our people will be of the highest quality translating their knowledge, experience, creativity, innovativeness and skills into results that would delight all stakeholders.”


Our Values:

n Excellence in all our company operations and solutions delivery

n Quality Culture and Business Integration

n Business Process Improvements/reengineering

n Success in 3D CAD Engineering Software delivery and customer satisfaction

n Developing Solutions to Business problems


Our Quality Policy:

Our company is committed to:

n Active Customer-listening

n Providing innovative products and services that give value for money, even exceeding Customer expectations;

n Good human relations at work;

n Ensuring that all employees strive constantly for quality excellence and improved  effectiveness of work

    processes and solutions delivery;

n A win-win philosophy in all our business transactions;

n Always continuing at the leading edge of technology; and

n Compulsive benchmarking for enhanced competitiveness; and staying at the leading edge of technology.


To achieve this lofty objective, JOSHNELLY has attracted to its fold, first rate professionals who deploy their youthful vigor to achieve outstanding results, in a competitive, healthy and safe environment. These comprise: System Engineers, Computer Engineers, Systems Analysts, Electronic / Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, Software Developers, etc. These professionals are co-ordinated by a high profile management team.


Ideas in themselves do matter, but at JOSHNELLY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, we are further committed to translating these ideas into successful realities.