Government Solutions

Bentley Optimized Workflows and Powerful Tools for Government and Government Contractors

The challenge: Governments face a variety of challenges. Government-owned and -operated infrastructure and cadastral information must be developed, realized, and maintained. Accurate mapping based on legal descriptions is necessary for cadastres, which detail the ownership information for land parcels or properties. On top of that, governments are pressed to improve information exchange between departments within and between agencies through SDI initiatives such as the EU's INSPIRE.

Managing government facilities through the use of BIM disciplines is another challenge for governments. They build, maintain, and use GIS data for government; support local legislation and standards; and need to interact seamlessly with engineering departments throughout the project lifecycle.

The solution: Bentley’s government solution optimizes workflows by providing the necessary tools for workflows supporting GIS, mapping, BIM, campus/installation information management, and infrastructure engineering. This solution also delivers powerful tools for Web publishing, printing, and plotting, as well as for the registration and maintenance of parcels and parcel-related data for government and non-government organizations.

Additional Bentley advantages include Professional Services, resources for project implementation, and Bentley Institute for training and learning.

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