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No hardware required

Never Lose Track of Your PC Again with Geolocation

InterGuard now offers real-time geolocation as an add-on feature for Web Filtering, Employee Monitoring or Data Loss Protection licenses. This new feature is based on Wi-Fi hotspot tracking, which gives a higher degree of accuracy than GPS.

What does Geolocation do?

Once installed, InterGuard with Geolocation will immediately begin tracking the PCs whereabouts by picking up available Wi-Fi hotspots and recognizing its physical location to within 60 feet of accuracy. This information will then be sent to your secure online account for quick, easy access no matter where you are!

What do I see?

Geolocation is laid out in the way you’re used to seeing - on a map! Current and historical positions will be available in a list form and placed on the map next to it. View details about the actual location, such as address, date/time, and the option to get directions to the location of the device. Filters are also available for speedily pinpointing where the PC was on any given day.

Now you can see where your PC is anywhere at anytime!


Does other Computer Monitoring Software have Geolocation?

Actually, no! InterGuard is the only computer monitoring software to offer geolocation as a part of the monitoring software suite. Since InterGuard is a remote computer monitoring software, recorded activity is accessible from a secure online account no matter where you are. Other monitoring software requires you to access the monitored PC in order to view recorded activity - this would defeat the purpose of real-time geolocation, don’t ya think?