Insider Threat Management Unified Platform

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InterGuard Overview

Next Generation of Security - Complete * SaaS * Endpoint

Historically, security products (like anti-virus, firewalls and other external threat security products) have all started out as point solutions, leaving companies to deal with the headaches that come with multiple technologies and multiple vendors. Over time those solutions began to consolidate into a Unified Threat Manager (UTM) -- a single solution for complete protection. Another key trend has been the movement away from complex and costly acquired technology towards easy to use SaaS-based solutions. Repeating the mistakes of the past, however, internal threat security solutions are currently dominated by hardware-based single-point solutions, leaving companies with the worst of all worlds.

Accordingly, InterGuard was architected to address this problem by incorporating both key evolutionary themes resulting in a complete internal threat UTM delivered in a SaaS format. And since the damage from internal threats (such as loss of sensitive data, employee productivity and laptop theft/loss) are caused at the endpoint, InterGuard is deployed on the endpoint - making it capable of delivering an unparalleled level of visibility and control - both on and off of the network.

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The InterGuard Suite

Awareness Technologies has created Interguard, the only complete internal threat platform delivered as a service and deployed on the endpoint (both computers and now Smartphones). Available through one agent and one interface, the Interguard suite is comprised of 4 modules:

Stop sensitive data from leaking via email, webmail or USB. Quickly identify and address data security vulnerabilities, gaps in acceptable use policies and inappropriately stored data. New - now you can also monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones (see MobileMonitor)

Record and/or block all computer activity. Identify top performers, correct under-performance, eliminate potential liability issues, and conduct forensic investigations. New - now you can also monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones (see MobileMonitor)

Locate lost/stolen laptops and delete/retrieve critical data.

Mobile Monitor lets you monitor all text messages and emails so you know exactly what information is leaving your organization.