Techno Customer Testimonials

Techno CNC Routers: Who better to hear it from than a satisfied customer?

Foam Pak, CNC Router RG 5996

Company: Foam Pack Ind., Division of Padis Inc.
Contact: Harvey Goodstein
Location: Springfield, NJ
Market: Fabricated Styrene Foam
Shop Size: 4,500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: RG Series 5996 CNC Router w/20’’ Gantry Clearence 

We purchased our Techno CNC Machine over other brands because of Techno’s superior quality. Our machine has enabled us to increase our production by working on more than one project at a time. It has helped increase our scope of work. Within three days our machine was up and running, which allowed use to concentrate on new business.

Hendricks Manufacturing, CNC Router DaVinci and CPM

Company: Hendricks Manufacturing
Contact: Bob Hendricks
Location:Taylorsville, UT
Market: Jewelry Manufacturing
Shop Size: 1,500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2000
CNC Routers: DaVinci and CPM CNC Routers 

We use the Techno DaVinci and CPM Model machines for our production of Jewelry. The addition of the routers has given me more time to be creative as well as more competitive. The machines run all day every day with no down time. We chose Techno because of their reputation for quality. The machines are reliable, and require minimal maintenance. Read Article >> 

Boulard Designs International, CNC Router 5950 RG Series

Company: Boulard Designs International
Contact: Norman Boulard
Market: Model Maker
Location: Louisville, KY
Shop Size: 400 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2000 
CNC Router: RG Series Model 5950 CNC Router
I purchased the Techno router because it enabled me to quote and machine very complex models. The router has changed my business by giving my clients greater confidence in our capabilities and quality of models. This has had a dramatic increase in our revenues and ability to secure new business. Read Article >> 

Glide Inc., CNC Router RG Series 5950

Company: Glide Inc.
Contact: David Liatti
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Market: Prototyping and Home Furnishing Products
Shop Size: 2000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: RG Series Model 5950 CNC Router 
Web: www.glide-inc.com

We chose Techno, Inc. for our CNC Router because of the value for the money. The CNC Router has decreased production time, and allowed us to produce parts we were not otherwise able to produce. In addition to allowing us the ability to take on new jobs we would not have been able to complete.

JC Solutions, CNC Router 4896 LC and 5996 Premium Class

Company: JC Solutions
Contact: Jin Kim
Location: Port Washington, NY
Market: Store Fixtures Shop Size: 100,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2001
CNC Routers: 4896 LC and 5996 Premium Class CNC Routers

The Techno LC machine was the only one that had all the technical features needed to produce the quality we were looking for at a price we could afford. We could afford a more expensive machine but we don’t believe in throwing our money around. The router has features normally found in more expensive machines like ball screws, servomotors, and a number of other critical features that deliver accuracy; making it possible to produce a very professional looking product. On several occasions we have come up with an idea for a new display in the morning then had several built and assembled by the end of the day. Building our own displays in-house makes it much easier to respond to special requests from customers. And, of course, the Techno LC router has saved us money in contract manufacturing costs that help us stay competitive in this low-margin business. Read Article >> 

Outcast Products, 4896 LC Series CNC Router

Company: Outcast Products
Contact: Randy Piersall
Location: Portland, OR
Market: Exhibits
Shop Size: 2,500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: 4896 LC Series CNC Router 

We purchased the Techno LC Series Router because we felt it was the best machine with the greatest value. The machine is very easy to program and operate. We can go from drawing to part in less then 15 minutes. We have received a 6 month return on investment which has exceeded our expectations. The machine purchase has opened up new business opportunities for us. To conclude I would have to give Techno a 10 in quality, workmanship, and attention to detail.

Dodge Guitar Co., CNC Router Gantry III Tabletop

Company: Dodge Guitar Co.
Contact: Rick Dodge
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Market: Guitars
Shop Size: 5000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 1997
CNC Router: Gantry III Tabletop CNC Router
When we decided to switch from power tools to a CNC router our main goal was to create and validate the design on the computer, which would eliminate the lengthy prototyping process. We looked at numerous expensive machines that had high costs, and then we heard about a low-cost, gantry router that had the expensive machine features, such as ball screws, servomotors, and a heavy frame. Techno Inc. the supplier of this router has a good reputation for service and support in addition to having been in business for a long time. We produce modular guitars which call for extreme accuracy. Techno’s CNC Gantry III Tabletop Router helped us make the final decision. The machine improved our new product development, allowing engineers to use computer software to create their 3-D designs. Read Article >> 

Guitarras Jaen, CNC Router LC Tabletop 3024

Company: Guitarras Jaen
Contact: Fernando Alonso Jaen
Location: Spain
Market: Arch top Guitars
Shop Size:645 sq.ft. / 60 sq.m.
Customer Since: 2005
CNC Router: LC Tabletop 3024 CNC Router 
Web: www.guitarrasjaen.com
The LC Series Tabletop CNC Router purchase has definitely benefited my business, now EVERY potential customer that has seen the machine, orders a guitar. It also expands my business from just arch top guitars to creating and selling wooden pickup rings or other guitar parts. I did not want a stepper machine, as some of the wood I use is very expensive and could not afford the inaccuracies steppers deliver.

Alliance Display, CNC Router 067 Gantry III

Company: Alliance Display
Contact: Mitch Nelson
Location: Winston Salem, NC
Market: Point of Purchase Displays
Shop Size: 8,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2000
CNC Router: 067 Gantry III CNC Router 

We manufacture Point of Purchase Displays. Many of the pieces we fabricated in the past utilizing expensive CNC milling machines. The Techno Router has provided us a much more economical and quicker method of producing the parts. The quality of the machine and the cuts it produces speak for itself. All it does is run! The machine is simple and easy to use, we’ve had no problems at all with the machine. 
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DL Manufacturing, CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: DL Manufacturing
Contact: Wendell Moultan Location: N. Syracuse, NY
Market: Garage Door Mfg
Shop Size: 25,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2003
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router 
Web: www.dlmanufacturing.com
We purchased the Techno Router because we needed to automate our M x V door line used in warehouses and loading dock industries. It has not only taken the manual inaccurate method of drilling and routing holes out of the equation, it has also made our product line more profitable.

Creative Graphic Service, CNC Router RG Series 5996

Company: Creative Graphic Services 
Contact: Ron Niner 
Market: Signs and Graphics for Event Venues
Location: Santa Clarita, CA
Shop Size: 22,500 sq. ft.
CNC Router: RG Series 5996 CNC Router 
Web: www.cgshome.com 

We chose a Techno CNC Router because its servo system provided the accuracy we needed, it was easy-to-use, and had the ability to process a wide range of materials. Our new router was running within one day, and had a full return of investment six months after. The Techno machine has been solid and reliable, expanding our capabilities of operation so we can offer new products to our customers. 
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Embree Communications Group

Company: Embree Communication Group
Contact: John Cunningham
Location:Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Market: Signs, Recognition Systems
Shop Size: 7,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2001
Quality, precision, and a brand new view on work, those are the reasons why we purchased a CNC Router. We now have the ability to complete more complex projects while getting better accuracy in the shortest amount of time. Techno’s CNC Router excels in both build and machine quality including their design of servomotors and enclosed bearings which were most appealing. It took us a mere 30 days to receive our full return on investment and for the past 4-½ years we have remained a satisfied customer! Read Article >>

LCI Signs and Ironworks, CNC Router LC Series 4848

Company: LCI Signs and Ironworks
Contact: Dave Wortman
Location: Pine, Colorado
Market: Signs, Custom Home Furnishings, 3D Carvings
Shop Size: 1,500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2002
CNC Router: LC Series 4848 CNC Router 
Web: www.lazerconcepts.com/index.shtml
We purchased our Techno CNC Router and soon after we changed our manufacturing process by abolishing the need for hand carvings and templates. Our CNC Router increased productivity, and allows us to perform a wide range of work. The easy-to-use CNC Interface is one reason why we purchased our machine from Techno, we also liked that Techno uses their own parts and software service.

Nappy Products, CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: Nappy Products
Contact: Tony Ragucci
Location: Brown Mills, NJ
Market: Job Shop, Signs, Home Décor
Shop Size: 500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2003
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router 

"A well built, well engineered machine." I have been a Techno customer for three years, and it only took me one day to get my CNC Router up and running. My work has become more productive since then. The time and expense for me to manufacture products has decreased while increasing my profits. Techno’s CNC Routers are not built like toys but rather real machines!

Benson Woodworking, CNC Router 5996 Premium Class

Company: Benson Woodworking
Contact: Tom Benson
Location: Hauppauge, NY
Market: Custom Millwork
Shop Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2000
CNC Router: 5996 Premium Class CNC Router 

We purchased the machine because we need to streamline our production. The purchase of the Techno Premium Class machine has opened up new avenues of business and has reduced our labor costs considerably. We use MasterCam software and we seem to learn something new every day on how we can manufacture our product easier.

Bir Umut Mobilya, CNC Router LC Series Model 78120

Company: Bir Umut Mobilya
Contact: Muammer Dongel and Suat Aslanderen
Market: Home & Office Decoration and Display Stands
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Shop Size: 3200 sq. ft.
CNC Router: LC Series Model 78120 CNC Router 

We decided to purchase a Techno CNC router because it's distinct quality separated it from the rest. We found their local distributors, 2e Ileri Teknoloji Urunleri Ltd. Sti., to be very professional. Within seven months we were able to have a full return of investment and reduced our labor costs by 40 percent. Each day the Techno router brings us more business. Now we have a different business vision because the Techno CNC Router opened up new markets.

CNC Carpentry, CNC Router 5996 RG Series

Company: CNC Automated Carpentry
Contact: Rick Vesely
Location: Bermuda
Market: Custom Millwork
Shop Size: 2,500 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 1999
CNC Router: 5996 RG Series CNC Router 

In researching CNC Routers we chose Techno’s Model 5996 RG Series Machine because it processed the highest quality, ease of use, at the lowest price. The machine has increased production dramatically without increasing our staff, thus making us more profitable. The machine has given us the ability to do jobs that were not achievable in the past. This was the best investment for our company. We now have grown the business so much that the machine is running all day. We have decided to add another Techno in the coming months. Read Article >>

Cherry Tree Custom Woodworks, CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: Cherry Tree Custom Woodworks
Contact: Arthur Allison
Location: Orange Park, Fla.
Market: Commercial/Residential:
Entertainment Centers, Furniture, Custom Children’s Room Furnishings.
Shop Size: 2000 sq. ft.
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router 

By purchasing a Techno CNC Machine over the competitors, I saved money and gained quality and value. It only took two days to get my machine up and running, and has increased production and most importantly accuracy. I am now able to venture into newer markets while accepting more complicated projects.

Chicago Millwork, CNC Router LC "X" 48168

Company: Chicago Millwork
Contact: Steve Naines
Location: Mokena, IL
Market: Custom Architectural Millwork
Shop Size: 22,000 sq.ft.
Customer Since:2005
CNC Router: LC"X" 48168 CNC Router
We chose a Techno CNC Router because the machine quality is excellent, they answered all our technical questions and the overall presentation was very professional. It only took only one year to get a full return on our investment. The LC"X" router has reduced our labor costs by almost 60%, increased our production and added a new element of creative carpentry to our shop. The capabilities seem endless.

Culin and Colella, CNC Routers Gantry III, RG series 5996, Premium Class 5996

Company: Culin & Colella
Contact: Ray Culin 
Location: Mamaroneck, NY
Market: Architectural Millwork
Shop Size: 10,000 sq. ft. 
Customer Since: 1990
CNC Routers: Gantry III Model 130, RG Series 5996, Premium Class 5996 
Web: www.culincolella.com
Portfolio Gallery: www.culincolella.com/woodworking-portfolio.html
We purchased our first router back in 1990 to produce custom round tables. It was a small machine, a Gantry III Model 130, with a process area of 41" x 49". The machine immediately put us ahead of the competition because CNC automation was not yet standard in our industry. Prior to our first machine, any complex shapes needed templates, once we had the machine we ran it for 8 hours per day producing the same shapes without templates. I specifically purchased the machine for a Custom Millwork job that we bid on and had been awarded the contract. The job consisted of work in a round house, therefore all the millwork had arched shapes that needed to blend with the utmost precision. After completion of this year long job we traded our smaller machine for the Techno Model RG Series 5996 CNC router, which could process larger parts. We have been running this machine between 8-10 hours per day for the last 14- years with only minor problems. Recently, it was becoming a concern that our 14-year old machine, which we rely on so heavily, may go down, crippling our 14-month backlog of jobs. In December of 2005, I decided to purchase another machine, a Techno Premium Class 5995 CNC router. This would be for running all cabinet boxes, and as a backup to our RG. Today we have both Techno routers running between 8-10 hours per day, producing both our complex curved parts and our simple box work.
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Custom Inlay Inc., CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: Custom Inlay Inc.
Contact: Bryan England
Location: Leitchfield, KY
Market: Inlay Components
Shop Size: 2,500 sq. ft. 
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router
Web: http://www.custominlay.com/
For years we had to cut our custom inlays by hand and with the use of pantograph machine. This process was long and tedious. Once we purchased our first CNC machine our hourly production of the Mother-of-Pearl, Abalone, wood and other inlay materials we customize, was greatly reduced. In addition to this was an increased accuracy. Yet, our overall reason for choosing a Techno CNC Router was due to their fair prices that go accordingly with size, and the various models/sizes of their machines. Our shop started off smaller so we needed more space with easy maneuverability, Techno offered this to us with our first machine, and continued with several more CNC Routers housed in our larger shop. Read Article >>

Designer Woodworking

Company: Designer Woodworking 
Contact: Edward Krieger 
Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Market: Architectural Millwork/Wood Specialty Items
Shop Size: 2,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 1995
We use mostly hardwoods, and our Techno CNC machine has given us unlimited capabilities in carving, sign-making, and in high-end furniture design. It has completely changed us from furniture restoration to furniture manufacturing. It was the best servo machine on the market for its size not to mention Techno’s salesperson John, was very helpful in getting us started. Again it does not stop there, the software is also the best you can buy, and it works with all CAD programs because it uses G-Code. It’s easy and continues to meet our needs completely! Read Article >> 

Divine Art Furniture, CNC Router RG Series 5996

Company: Divine Art Furniture
Contact:David Masarsky
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Market: Furniture
Shop Size: 6000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2003
CNC Router: RG Series 5996 CNC Router 
Web: www.davineartwood.com
Our Techno CNC router changed the manufacturing process tremendously, by allowing us to do 50% of our work on it. Output has increased, and we are able to manufacture more decorative pieces. The router is beautiful, easy to use, and easy to maintain and the price was right.

 Gary's Engraving, CNC Router RG Series 5996

Company: Gary’s Engraving
Contact: Gary Deutsch
Location: Lonsdale, MN
Market:Wood Rosettes, Plinth Blocks, and Fireplace Mantels
Shop Size: 1100 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2001
CNC Router: 5996 RG Series CNC Router with 7 1HP spindles
Web: www.garysengraving.com

I purchased my 5ft x 8ft RG Series machines with seven high frequency spindles to manufacture high volumes of wood rosettes, plinth blocks, and fireplace mantels. I based my decision to purchase the Techno because of the quality, reliability, cost and company reputation. I now own my machine since 2001 and it has proven to be a valuable asset to my company. Techno is an excellent company that is easy to work with.

Josey Cues, CNC Router 040 Gantry III System

Company: Josey Custom Cues
Contact: Keith Josey
Location: Savannah, GA
Market: Pool Cue Mfg 
Shop Size: 850 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 1998
CNC Router: 040 Gantry III CNC Router System
Web: www.joseycues.com
We invested in the Techno 4-axis CNC Router because we needed a machine that was very sturdy and accurate which could cut with the precision and detail we required. The investment in the router has increased my sales of my high dollar cues yet reduced my overhead to produce these intricate detailed pieces. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to being able to purchase another machine very soon.
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 Old World Mouldings, CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: Old World Mouldings
Contact: Al Havranek
Location: Bohemia, NY
Market: Wood Mouldings 
Shop Size: 20,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2003
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router
Web: www.oldworldmoudlings.com
We purchased the machine because it was a very well built. The Techno factory being local also was a plus. I can‘t complain about anything. The machine is extremely easy to use and cuts our parts perfect. We paid for the machine on the first run of radius molding blanks we cut.

 Richard Foster Construction, CNC Router LC Series 4896

Company: Richard Foster Construction
Contact: Richard Foster
Location: New Hyde Park, NY
Market: Woodworking shop 
Shop Size: 700 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router 
Web: www.richardfosterconstruction.com
I manufacture sport clocks and custom millwork components. The investment of the router has cut my production cycle time in half. This reduction in time lowered my labor costs thus making the company more profitable. I researched a number of machines and concluded that the Techno LC Series was the best machine on the market. The Techno interface has many complex features yet it is very easy to use. 
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 TMF Custom Wood Products, CNC Router LC series 4896

Company: TMF Custom Wood Products - Upstate CNC Service Inc.
Contact: Tom Farmer
Location:Hilton, NY
Market: Woodworking 
Shop Size: 5,000 sq. ft.
Customer Since: 2004
CNC Router: LC Series 4896 CNC Router
tom farmer videoVideo Testimonial
Thank you once again for the great service. Everyone I met at Techno was very friendly, courteous, and seemed very enthusiastic about their jobs. We got home Thursday night about midnight, and had the machine in place and running by noon on Friday. I have been cutting all kinds of practice shapes, and I am very comfortable with the machine already. I expect to be using it full time shortly. Every time I cut something, I come up with ten more things I can make using the machine. -One Very Happy Customer! Read Article >>