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HPLC CNC Plasma Cutting System
  The HPLC Series CNC Plasma Cutter 
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Shown cutting garden art in 1/8" thick mild steel.

The HPLC Series CNC Plasma Cutter

Techno’s NEW HPLC Series CNC Plasma Cutter features operating simplicity, low-cost, precision torch positioning, closed-loop position feedback, and heavy-duty machine construction all in one low-cost system. This unique design has been complimented by CNC Plasma Cutter torch experts from well known and established companies such as Hypertherm, and Thermal Dynamics to name a few. They complimented the ease of operation, built-in automatic advanced system functionality, and system flexibility.

The new HPLC CNC Plasma Cutter frame is a heavy-duty welded tubular structure that is ground and stress relieved, precision ball screws and closed loop servos provide accurate torch position which is not common to other CNC Plasma Cutters, and a Plasma CNC interface that includes easy to read and understand commands. These commands include automatic digital torch height control, automatic torch touch off, programmable pierce time delay with signal pierce verification, and torch error detection which increases consumable life. The Techno CNC Plasma Cutter interface accepts industry standard G-code files from any CAD/CAM package.