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LC Series Tabletop CNC Router System
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The LC Series Tabletop CNC Router

Techno offers two models of the LC Tabletop Series CNC Router. Both models come standard with ball screws on all three axes, and closed-loop servo controls. The use of such superior components, results in superior machine performance and longevity. The LC Tabletop Series CNC Router is an excellent choice for small to midsized shops and will meet all demanding applications at a very low price. This CNC Router series is an excellent entry-level router which allows the user to start with the basics and build on it as the business grows. The LC Tabletop Series CNC Router can be ordered with or without a heavy-duty aluminum extrusion stand, and can be equipped with many of the options and accessories as a full size machine.

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3024 30 x 24 47 x 49 x 37 . 001" .0002" 250 5-7/8" 8.9" 338
5024 50 x 24 67 x 49 x 37 362
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