Bentley AutoPlant Equipment V8i

3D Parametric Equipment Modeling

AutoPLANT Equipment 3D model

Product Overview

You can also open your AutoPLANT Equipment model in the AutoPLANT PIPING application to directly connect PIPING components to your Equipment nozzles.

Equipment dialogs are intuitive, and display annotated views of the requested dimensional parameters. You can also connect a series of intelligent primitives to build virtually any desired equipment assembly. All information is parametric (dynamically editable) information.

Watch as the 2D to 3D interface links equipment tags and information with the process database, the same database created when the P&ID was created using Autoplant P&ID.

Who Uses

AutoPLANT products are used around the world on projects ranging from small retrofits and expansions to large, full-scale facility design and construction:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Water/ Wastewater
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Life Sciences
  • Offshore

Owner-operators and EPCs use Bentley’s AutoPLANT products in support of all phases of the plant lifecycle.

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Grontmij Industry - Fully Automatic Production Unit For Sika - Using 3D reduced turnaround time

Royal Haskoning - Vopak Tank Terminal Expansion Project - 3D models improved integration

Royal Haskoning - Vopak Tank Terminal Expansion Project - Achieved budgeted man-hours

Pan American Energy LLC - Modularization of Facilities - Reduced engineering time by 80%

PMP Ltd. - Izomerization Unit Syzran Refinery - Accelerated the design process

3D Parametric Equipment Modeling


Integration with Other Bentley Applications

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment uses the same project structure as Bentley AutoPLANT P&ID, Piping, Structural, Isometrics, and Raceways applications with both 2D and 3D data in the same database. If other application sets are used, the 3D user will see a full list of line numbers to select from when routing piping. When placing equipment, they will be able to select equipment tags from those that were previously placed on a P&ID or otherwise entered into the database using Data Manager. If the user is only responsible for the detailed design phase of a project, Data Manager and Datasheets can be used in conjunction with the 3D data. Line list reports or equipment data sheets can be generated from the data entered in the 2D or 3D environment. There are additional 2D/3D tools such as the ability to browse the P&ID from within a 3D application, set the current spec and size from a component on the P&ID, and more.

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3D Modeling of Equipment, Nozzles, Ladders, Platforms, and Walkways

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment places equipment, nozzles, ladders, platforms, and walkways in 3D space. Equipment provides numerous equipment, nozzle, and structure placement options. An Equipment model may also be opened in the AutoPLANT Piping application to directly connect Piping components to your Equipment nozzles. Equipment dialogs are intuitive and display annotated views of the requested dimensional parameters.

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User-defined Custom Equipment

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment can also connect a series of intelligent primitives to build virtually any desired equipment assembly.

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Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment has a Report Writer module that provides a means to generate a set ofexternal reports on the data contained in the current model or across a range of models. AutoPLANT makes extensive use of the Crystal Reports™ run-time engine to process data in external drawing databases. Equipment List and Nozzle Schedule report types are provided. You can customize reports or create your own.

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Automated Orthographic Drawing Creation

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment has utilities to automate creation of 2D orthographic drawings. These drawings are referenced from the model, so any changes to the model will update the orthographic drawings. AutoPLANT Equipment has tools for annotating elements with information pulled from the database like coordinates, elevations, insulation thickness, and more.

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Flexible Working Modes

The V8i (SELECTseries 3) Edition introduces a new Briefcase mode technology. This allows designers that do not need the work-sharing features of the project to work independently with less administration and setup. Using the same technology, large projects can easily move models between projects or model disconnected from the project or restore individual project models from backup.

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Integration with Your Current AutoCAD Environment Up to AutoCAD 2011

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment runs on top of AutoCAD. It includes menus and toolbars of commands designed to create and modify equipment models. The Equipment menus are organized in a cascading style like those in AutoCAD. In addition, Equipment provides easy access to AutoCAD commands and support of most AutoCAD command line key-ins.

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Program Architecture - Customization

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment uses take full advantage of the latest AutoCAD ARX technology. Within these ARX applications, Bentley has implemented a Basic Script engine. All Equipment components and most dialogs are defined in open Basic files for easy modification. The system architecture enables a user with a solid foundation in Visual Basic for applications programming language to modify almost any aspect of the component placement process, to create new components, or add new functions to the system.

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Intelligent Components

Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment models are not merely drawings. As the model is created, component data is also maintained in an external project database. The component data can be edited at any time during a
drawing session. The dimension and position parameters initially defined to place a component may be edited and the corresponding graphic re-drawn to reflect these changes. If dimensional parameters of parent equipment primitives are modified, linked children diameters may be adjusted

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Bentley Plant products are the best selling plant design applications in the world

There are more 3D designers using Bentley’s plant design software than any other product. Bentley AutoPLANT Equipment is a proven productivity tool. Numerous customers have reported significant productivity gains by using Bentley AutoPLANT products.

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