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CNC Machines: CNC Routers, CNC Router Systems & CNC Plasma Cutter

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Company Needs A CNC Router or Plasma Cutting System

The Techno Family of CNC Machines
Whether you need to cut wood, plastic, foam or metal Techno has the cutting solution.

Click on the CNC machine model below to learn more about it's capabilites and performance characterisitics. 

HD Series CNC Router

The HD Series CNC Routers

HD Series Machines include:
• 4-hp HSD high frequency spindle
• Four zone vacuum t-slot table
• 10-hp Becker rotary vane vacuum pump
• All Steel construction
• Avaliable in standard sizes
• Specials avaliable upon request

HD Series CNC Router

The HDS Series CNC Routers

LC Series CNC Router

The LC Series CNC Routers

HPLC Series CNC Plasma Model 4848

The HPLC Series CNC Plasma Cutters

LC Series Tabletop CNC Router

The LC Series Tabletop CNC Routers

LC Series Tabletop CNC Router

The HD Mini Series CNC Routers

The Patriot CNC Router

The Patriot CNC Routers

At Techno, we take great pride in helping companies:
• Become more profitable
• Increase productivity 
• By Providing Quality CNC Machinery at an Affordable Price 
• Decrease Overhead