Bentley Projectwise Interplot V8i

Publishing Solutions for Accurate and Intelligent Project Deliverables



ProjectWise InterPlot Overview
ProjectWise InterPlot provides publishing solutions for creating accurate and intelligent project deliverables. ProjectWise InterPlot improves the quality of work packages by centralizing the production plotting and electronic archival process.

The Problem

When collaborating and sharing content, all work is “in progress” and subject to change. To capture or review a point in time, drawings need to be renditioned, versioned, compared, commented upon, and archived.

The Product

ProjectWise InterPlot automates this manual, repetitive, process to produce paper and intelligent PDF renditions from drawings and Office documents. Using common interfaces and settings, print sets are published on demand or via workflow events.

The Possibilities

With ProjectWise InterPlot you can benefit from space-saving digital storage, design compare, scaled plotting and measuring from a Web browser, document bookmarks, redlining tools for adding comments, and custom support for the wide-format printers you care about most.



ProjectWise InterPlot automates the manual and repetitive process to produce paper and intelligent PDF renditions from drawings and Office documents.


Batch Publishing

Batch publishing enables organizations to collect and organize customized, multi-format print sets for the batch processing of any and all project deliverables included in the plot set. A key benefit is the ability to process hundreds or thousands of drawings and specification documents at any one time. Better still, get it going and walk away!

On-demand Publishing

On-demand publishing is easy with the appropriate interface to your CAD application. Interfaces have a common look and feel so that the user experience remains the same regardless of the CAD platform—a user of AutoCAD or MicroStation can enjoy the same user-friendly interface for creating, managing, and executing plot sets.

Scheduled Publishing

Scheduled publishing is enabled when ProjectWise InterPlot is combined with ProjectWise Integration Server. Plots are automatically produced at specific times of the day or week—for example, every Thursday evening in time for the regular Friday morning meeting, or when milestones are reached, like a document being moved to the "review" workflow state.

Improved Repeatability of Plot Sets

ProjectWise InterPlot improves the repeatability of your published output, guaranteeing that your plots are right the first time, next time, and every time they are plotted—no matter who pushes the button. Reproduce a published set at each stage of a project with saved publishing parameters, and store published sets at critical milestones in a digital archive.

Rich Format Support

The rich format support of ProjectWise InterPlot has been expanded to include support for Microsoft Office documents, which integrates specifications and drawings for publishing a combined and complete set of deliverables in a single work package.

Rich Content

The rich content that is produced allows users to navigate from content in drawings to titles and headings in specifications using PDF navigation aids such as links and bookmarks. For example, you can navigate from a saved view to a relevant specification section in seconds.

Content to Reuse and Discover

Rich content production is more useful when it is reusable. For users, navigation aids such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, and searchable text make PDF renditions reusable and intelligent. Increase your capacity to manipulate content and to turn levels, layers, and references on and off.

Secure Documents

Always know that your documents are secure using Digital Signatures and Digital Rights. ProjectWise InterPlot can secure your documents to protect them from future changes, from being opened, or from being printed by unauthorised individuals or teams.

Streamline Operations

Streamline your engineering operations, project plan management, and electronic bid solicitation by deploying ProjectWise InterPlot within your workgroup or enterprise network.

Extend the Reach of Your Data

Extend the reach of your project data to a wider range of information consumers, including contractors. Instantaneously publish and distribute drawings via the Web or with a distributable PDF.