Bentley Projectwise Integration Server V8i

Connecting People and Information Across Distributed Teams




ProjectWise is software for connecting people and information across distributed teams and is used by architects and engineers to manage, find, and share CAD and geospatial content, project data and Office documents.


The ProjectWise collaboration system is a global success – fully 80% of the 50 leading organizations in the ENR Top 500 share work, improve quality, and reduce costs when Connected by ProjectWise.


Read on to learn how some users are benefiting from ProjectWise to connect their people and information across the distributed enterprise.

HDR Cuts Costs and Carbon Emissions

By implementing ProjectWise, HDR created an enterprise-level project team collaboration environment to connect people and information across offices. The results speak for themselves: the project was delivered on time and on budget, the team recorded substantial travel cost savings and even bigger reductions in carbon emissions by minimizing employee relocations.


Enterprise-level Collaboration Powers Plant Project

Engevix used ProjectWise to connect a team of 120 people across six offices for the design and construction of a new hydroelectric power plant. This was the first “virtual team” assembled by the EPC, and the first time it had deviated from their standard operating procedure to collaborate the team in one office.


Achieving 5x ProjectWise ROI

Michael Baker Corporation got connected by ProjectWise. The goal: Create an environment to enable real-time collaboration – regardless of geographic location – for colleagues across 44 offices. The result: An independent analysis revealed a peak ProjectWise ROI of 5x from just one project.


Maximizing Employee Utilization

Read how Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon is connecting people and information across project teams – no matter where they are located – to improve quality, reduce rework, and meet deadlines. By sharing work across its 12 offices, the firm increased profits by maximizing the efficiency of its workforce.

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"Katrina Clean Up"

Read how ProjectWise enabled the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to clean up quickly after Katrina. "ProjectWise provided an out-of-the-box capability to store and manage multiple types of documents/datasets and the metadata associated with that data," explains Denise Martin, IPET Data Management coleader. "It also provided a delivery and access control mechanism such that users could access the data in a variety of ways."


Save 20-30 Percent for Drill-site Design

VECO Alaska Inc. collected a 2007 BE Award of Excellence for their integration of AutoPLANT with the ProjectWise collaboration system. Tasked with reusing project data to generate several new drill sites and reduce engineering costs to the client, VECO generated and executed a method for reusing intelligent project data producing an estimated 20-30 percent reduction in cost of drill-site design during each data reuse.


Success in a Fast Growing Economy

Using ProjectWise software, North China Power Engineering improved project quality as it streamlined design work and information exchange. And, as team collaboration improved, NCPE cut project lead time by 30 percent and recorded savings in excess of US$10 million, all in less than two years.



Benefiting from Economies of Scale

Meeting client needs and maximizing economies of scale often requires that Gresham, Smith and Partners collaborate on projects from more than a dozen office locations. Using ProjectWise, the team is able to work on a portfolio of projects as though they were under the same roof. Better still, the firm can now increase employee utilization by balancing this work among 800 people.


"What Went Right!"

ProjectWise is helping Baker increase efficiencies and reduce rework by connecting people and information across their distributed enterprise. Michael Baker Corporation is a leading professional services firm with revenues in excess of $650 million. Chairman Richard Shaw reported to shareholders on an annual conference call that ProjectWise increases employee utilization by balancing workload across busy and quiet offices.


Bechtel Realizes Rapid ROI

Read how the ROI on ProjectWise for Bechtel occurs four times faster than other ECM systems by connecting people and information across their distributed enterprise. Bechtel is using ProjectWise to collaborate successfully on Reliance Industries Limited Jamnagar Export Refinery Project in India. Connecting 2000+ engineers from 10 offices in five countries.

ProjectWise Civil User Stories

The Banks Group Saves 200 Man-Hours a Week with ProjectWise StartPoint

"Using ProjectWise StartPoint, The Banks Group implemented a solution that would allow easy, auditable, fast access to centralized design data from any location. With all documents being stored in the project portal, team members can go to one place and search on both document name and content."

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ProjectWise Connects Staff of 1,200
at Dutch Engineering Firm Movares

"By implementing ProjectWise, Movares has seen five major results: faster access to information; better data quality’ improved communication between partners and among colleagues, added document security through a secure vault for proprietary information, and seamless document handling."

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Connecting the Team with ProjectWise

The Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project in Northern Virginia uses ProjectWise to connect people and information across the project. Key benefits include: CAD and reference file management, secure access for collaboration on live work, and improved project workflow.

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Benefits of Automated CAD Q & A

Hear the best practices involved in the implementation and management of complex, multiple-site CAD environments and benefit from the lessons learned during years of working in the United Kingdom's transportation and construction sectors.

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HDR Connects People and Information using ProjectWise

"To date, ProjectWise, which serves roughly 3500 HDR staff in more than 80 locations, has reduced rework problems by 50 percent or more per location. HDR estimates its time savings from the use of ProjectWise are at least 40 hours per project start."

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ProjectWise Connects Kentucky Transportation Associates Offices

"ProjectWise was used to facilitate project collaboration among multiple agencies and design firms and allowed easy access to approximately 20,000 files."

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ProjectWise Powers Content Management for China Water Northeastern Investigation

"ProjectWise enables group leaders and project managers to accurately and efficiently track the progress of projects and allows designers to manage, find and share project information easily."

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Richard Brady & Associates Deploys ProjectWise for Water Treatment Plant Retrofit 

"ProjectWise helped the firm's distributed project teams coordinate with other disciplines and provided instantaneous, real-time views of the $5.4 million project as it developed."

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ProjectWise Helps Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Put Interchange Project on Fast Track

"Parsons Brinkerhoff implemented an engineering content management system that provided a standardized workflow for all the various disciplines that worked on the project."

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eProposal saves $2 million per year - Michigan DOT uses ProjectWise

"The initial goal of eProposal was to publish construction plans and proposals to the internet for contractors to view, download, and print. ...ProjectWise has allowed Michigan DOT (MDOT) to develop an electronic workflow... cost savings are estimated at $2 million per year."

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Wade Trim deploys ProjectWise to reduce paper copies of drawings

"To streamline the access to the team's CAD data, Wade Trim used ProjectWise to share all current CAD drawings with the entire team. The design-build team conducted online drawings review to reduce the need for a significant number of hard copies throughout the project."

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ProjectWise enables distributed engineering on $260 million rail project

"ProjectWise empowered Halcrow to successfully complete the design for the London Docklands Light railway Extension (DLRE) in an ordered, secure, and timely manner. With more than 12,000 documents and 2,500 CAD files, accessed by more than 100 users, ProjectWise connected the right people with the right information."

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Redundant project files eliminated when using ProjectWise

"Lone Star Infrastructure (LSI) implemented ProjectWise in 2002 and immediately eliminated redundant project files by 75% or 100,000 documents. A key benefit realized by the project team working on the $1.5 billion State Highway is the project insight gained from knowing who did what, to which file, when. LSI also used ProjectWise to manage CAD and project standards to improve the quality of all work."

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Connecting people and information across 13 organizations

"Burgess & Niple used ProjectWise to connect 13 different organizations working on the Cleveland Innerbelt Freeway System to provide each team member safe, secure, and rapid access to all project documents."

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Optimizing workflows and reducing paperwork in Chilean capital

"When the President of Chile set a challenging project deadline for a new subway extension in Santiago Cade-Idepe turned to Bentley for help. Implementing ProjectWise, the team reduced paperwork and optimized project workflows, ensuring that the deadline was met."

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ProjectWise replaces chaos with control for CAD file management

"Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) first implemented ProjectWise to improve CAD management and workflows. Using ProjectWise MDOT was able to remove the pains associated with having multiple versions of uncontrolled files spread across many locations."

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French leader in toll motorway engineering adopts ProjectWise

"Scetauroute implemented ProjectWise to enable design and project standardization and to support collaboration across multiple sites and disciplines. With 850 people in 41 countries, Scetauroute uses ProjectWise to increase collaboration and productivity, reduce costs and make best uses of global resources."

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Utah DOT saves $100k in printing costs; contactors save more!

"UDOT implemented ProjectWise technologies to manage MicroStation DGN files and civil design information and to make those files available on demand to contractors. Using ProjectWise plotting services UDOT has saved $100,000 per year in printing costs; contractors have realized even greater savings."

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Australian road authority expects annual savings greater than $135k

"VicRoads in Australia uses ProjectWise to manage 165,000 CAD file and one quarter of a million digital-paper drawings. VicRoads claims significant improvements in workflow, collaboration, and engineering content management."

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New York State DOT gets Connected by ProjectWise

"New York State DOT (NYSDOT) implemented a managed environment using ProjectWise to connect any engineer with current project information no matter which office they work in. Today NYSDOT is one of the largest, most distributed ProjectWise users in North America."

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ProjectWise Connects MicroStation and InRoads users

"Kentucky Transportation Cabinet use ProjectWise as a single repository for all design data and correspondence ensuring that all project participants have immediate access to all project information. Key benefits include the connection of 10 different firms for simultaneous design collaboration using MicroStation and InRoads."

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ProjectWise Geospatial User Case Studies

USACE Mississippi Valley Saves $100K,
36 man-weeks on Hurricane Response

"Anticipating the workload of the New Orleans District following Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi Valley Division implemented ProjectWise as a common environment for all six districts within the division. Results include version control and improved collaboration among district offices."

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Nation-wide FAA Standard Engineering
Drawing Management System with ProjectWise

"ProjectWise has allowed the FAA to unite under one umbrella. It provides an environment that takes into account the workflow and data needs of all 10 FDA headquarter offices, and includes many of the local nuances each office has come to rely on."

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German Utility Cuts Response Time from
Half-Day to One Hour with ProjectWise

"swb Netze GmbH & Co. KG scanned more than 7,500 electrical network maps and 6,000 gas and water maps with MicroStation Descartes, georeferenced them, and manages them today with ProjectWise. Ultimately, the cost of responding to requests for information will be reduced from half a day to one hour."

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Sandia National Laboratories
Power Through Integration

"Using ProjectWise and MicroStation GeoGraphics, Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico maintains current and accurate as-built drawings for both geospatial and building data for about 1,000 facilities and all associated utilities and infrastructure."

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Using ProjectWise to Improve Quality

An overview of HDR’s use of ProjectWise in implementing its Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program. HDR's Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program established procedures for creating consistent filing structures to ensure proper project documentation. This overview will provide the benefits gained through the use of ProjectWise to implement the QA/QC procedures to promote seamless collaborative operations.

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Dutch City Leeuwarden Improves Design Process with ProjectWise

"ProjectWise helped the city’s design process become faster and more reliable. Access control, version and workflow management, and integration with administrative project data are automatically enforced so users can do their work better."

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Genoa Port Authority Cuts Information Management Time in Half

"Before the ProjectWise implementation, each technical employee spent 30 to 50 percent of working time locating, copying and printing existing documents. That time has been cut in half, saving about two hours of work per employee per day."

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Energy Australia Deploys ProjectWise for Electrical Substation Project

"ProjectWise provided engineering content management for drawings and models with tight revision controls. The total cost savings on the project were approximately $500,000 in the design phase and another $500,000 in construction."

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US Army Corps of Engineering deployed ProjectWise

"The Corps found that ProjectWise provided an out-of-the-box capability to easily store and manage multiple data types of documents/data sets and the metadata associated. ...ProjectWise provided the integrating mechanism to manage the overall data environment."

>> Case Study

A managed environment for a distributed team in the Netherlands

"A firm in the Netherlands deployed ProjectWise to solve several problems including archiving, workflow and to provide process insight. ProjectWise was implemented to deliver a simple, accessible solution."

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Polish company connects people and information using ProjectWise

"To combat sprawl and to federate many distributed data stores, a ProjectWise managed environment was implemented to ensure that all information is accessible through a single, connected interface. Now all organizations can access information and monitor environmental conditions remotely."

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Geospatial ProjectWise queries save hours on every document search

"Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has converted legacy microfilm records to PDF and stored them in a geospatially managed environment. Now all content is searchable by content or by geographical location. Now every document search is many hours faster and can be conducted online."

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U.S. Utilities company manages 1 million documents with ProjectWise

"Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) use ProjectWise to manage 1.1 million documents and 1 terabyte of engineering content. Now every design team has immediate access to relevant content through fast ProjectWise searches."

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ProjectWise replaces paper workflows for design review and approval

"ProjectWise improves upon old paper workflows for PSEG Fossil LLC. Key benefits include new abilities to manage the process of design and project review across a distributed enterprise."

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Stockholm Vatten AB get Connected by ProjectWise

"ProjectWise replaced legacy, disconnected, and unmanaged systems to federate document management for fast finding and collaboration. Additional benefits realized include improved workflows, file version management and greater insight into stored content."

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Total E&P Netherlands accelerate search with ProjectWise Geospatial

"By linking all documents to a geographical location users can find documents quickly and logically. Entering just a few keywords into a web browser will return a map which is clickable to view all documents associated with the area. Supported document types include ArcGIS, MicroStation DGNs, PDFs and other raster scans of paper documents."

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ProjectWise used to manage 1,000s of survey projects each year

"Crape Geomatics Corporation in Calgary, Canada is using ProjectWise to manage thousands of surveying projects every year. Workflow, version control, and plot management are essential ingredients for Crape but they are not the only one to benefit. Now all Crape clients can benefit by having all land-related documents managed in the Crape ProjectWise system."

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Reduce costs, manage designs, and access accurate information

"Sandia National Labs (SNL) in Mexico use ProjectWise to connect many different AE firms and other organizations for collaboration. Using ProjectWise as a project and document control system, SNL is better able to manage design information, reduce costs for facilities' maintenance, and gain immediate access to accurate and up-to-date information."

>> Case Study

Connecting People and Information across six municipal utilities

"Toronto Hydro Corporation adopted ProjectWise to federate engineering content and drawing management across six municipally-owned utilities. The benefit? reduced support costs, full disaster recovery, uniformity of practice leading to reduced maintenance costs, and anytime-anywhere access to accurate and reliable technical information."

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Connecting People and information from GIS and FileNET using PDF

"Urban Spatially Enabled Information System (USEIS) is a Web-based system integration designed to save time and costs by improving the efficiency of storage, retrieval, and publication of back-office information for all employees in the organization. ProjectWise was used to connect and publish information from the GIS (ESRI's ArcIMS) and FileNET's Content Manager."

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ProjectWise Plant User Case Studies

Bechtel Tackles One of Its Most
Challenging Projects With ProjectWise

"Bechtel is tackling this megaproject using engineering resources dispersed around the globe, including a design and engineering team of 2500 professionals in 10 design locations, 19 offices, and eight countries."

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Aker Kvaerner Connects Engineering Information for Data Reuse

"Aker Kvaerner deployed ProjectWise to connect many different types of project data, including documentation for maintenance, modifications and operations. The new system has now been implemented in 20 contracts with seven customers that have 26 facilities among them."

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North China Power Engineering Manages
Design Workflow with ProjectWise

"North China Power Engineering implemented ProjectWise to satisfy quality-control requirements and build a managed environment to automate and integrate the design workflows of all of its projects."

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Automating and Managing Interference Detection

See how Bechtel assembled more than 4 GB of InRoads, TriForma, and PlantSpace data for the purpose of interference management. Also hear how ProjectWise was used to manage the review process of the interference data.

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ProjectWise as a Central Data Repository

ProjectWise is ideal for connecting people and information across the distributed enterprise. Learn how RAFAKO connected its team to a range of information sources including: CAD, CAE, ERP, and Lotus Notes databases.

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ProjectWise: An Enterprise Solution

Through lateral thinking by our engineering personnel and a strong cooperative relationship with the Bentley product development team, Hatch has been able to develop a seamless connection between these two environments to ensure interruption-free processing of drawings throughout the design process, finally resulting in the issue and distribution of the drawing deliverables to the vast array of consumers – the fabricators, the constructor, the owners and the operators.

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Hitachi Power Systems Improves Collaboration for WFGD Retrofit

"ProjectWise and PlantSpace enabled the firm to implement a collaborative working environment with engineers, designers, customers and other vendors. Improved communication among these constituents resulted in a reduction of design changes."

>> Case Study

Carollo Engineers Use ProjectWise to Manage, Find and Share
Project Information

"Carollo Engineers installed ProjectWise Integration Server to manage, find and share CAD data, project data, and Microsoft Office documents. ProjectWise Caching Servers installed at each local office provide quick access to any file no matter where it is located."

>> Case Study

ProjectWise Integrates IT Systems at RAFAKO S.A. Boiler Engineering

"ProjectWise plays a key role in RAFAKO’s solutions, as it constitutes the central engineering data repository in which data may have different sources but maintained on one platform for the project lifecycle."

>> Case Study

VECO Alaska Deploys ProjectWise for its Distributed Projects

"This new environment, when used win conjunction with ProjectWise AutoPLANT, effectively provides an EPC firm with the ability to share the score of a project between many satellite offices."

>> Case Study

ProjectWise Connects People and Information for Korea District Heating

"The organization used ProjectWise to manage files and models among more than 50 partners. Operators and infrastructure maintenance managers shared one design and all history files were gathered in one master archive."

>> Case Study

ProjectWise Connects Eight CH2M HILL Offices for Plant Design Project

"ProjectWise enabled the firm to have people in eight different offices work on the same project, and in doing so, saved the firm time and money."

>> Case Study

Camp Dresser & McKee Collaborates on LPRO Water Treatment Plant

"The firm’s use of ProjectWise allows engineers and designers to work more closely in a structured and managed environment, creating a central repository for all related project data."

>> Case Study

Wood Group saves 3000 man hours using ProjectWise

"ProjectWise was introduced into Wood Group Engineering North Sea (WGENS) to provide an electronic data management system that would allow integrated CAD and Office file management for worldwide data distribution. In 2005 WGENS saved an estimated 3000 man hours by using ProjectWise."

>> Case Study

ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. (CPAI) select ProjectWise

"The CPAI Managed Environment program is designed to provide cost and project execution savings through a standard environment for design in which three EPCs can execute and deliver projects valued at $500 million per year."

>> Case Study

TatNIPIneft is Connected by ProjectWise to manage complex industrial projects

"Distributed organization implements ProjectWise to connect people and information across international borders. Benefits include central engineering management, automated workflow, and secure collaboration."

>> Case Study

Global EPC ensures project teams are always connected to current versions

"Foster Wheeler implemented ProjectWise to capture all engineering content at its point of origin, improve distribution and access, manage the process of change, and ensure that accurate, up-to-date information was available to all."

>> Case Study

Connecting Autodesk and Bentley applications with ProjectWise

"MWH use ProjectWise to manage Autodesk and Bentley applications across offices in the UK, India and the USA. The entire distributed team now benefits from reference file management, version control and mixed application collaboration from all MWH locations."

>> Case Study

ProjectWise InterPlot solutions reduce paper waste in Italy

"Snamprogetti S.p.A, Italy implemented ProjectWise technologies to create a distribution system for drawings and plots. The Benefit? A huge reduction in paper use/waste, reduced risk of obsolescence through online availability of current versions, and reduced access time. Technologies used include ProjectWise Publishing Server and ProjectWise InterPlot."

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ProjectWise Building User Case Studies

Standard Bank of South Africa Connects Premises Staff to A/E Information

"The Standard Bank of South Africa’s premises department manage all architectural and engineering activities that relate to the bank’s branches, including CAD plan designs, floor layouts, alterations, maintenance orders, and more. Using ProjectWise, Standard Bank now has immediate access to all data generated by any of its premises staff."

>> Case Study

GHAFARI Associates Facilitate Six GM
Design-Build Projects Using ProjectWise

"The biggest challenge was facilitating and managing access to thousands of 3D models and associated 2D documents. The interoperability and scalability of Bentley’s BIM solutions allowed multiple team members to collaborate and access information at the right time and with the required level of detail at any point in the project."

>> Case Study

GS&P Benefits from Economies of Scale,
Maximizes the Utilization of Every Employee

"Using ProjectWise, Gresham Smith and Partners is able to work on a portfolio of projects as though they were under the same roof. Better still, the firm can now increase employee utilization by balancing this work among more than 800 people."

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University of Turin Streamlines Facilities Information with ProjectWise

“Using ProjectWise, the university centralized its data management. With a common coding system for all buildings, there are now accurate links between location plans and related data so users can easily exchange information.”

>> Case Study

ProjectWise Deployed for Colgate-Palmolive Occupancy and Business Continuity Planning

“The project saved more than $200,000 by eliminating outside consultant and contract fees and 95 to 99 percent time savings to produce facilities operations reports.”

>> Case Study

Dubai Festival City expects 32 to 1 ROI using ProjectWise

"Dubai Festival City (DFC) is one of the world's largest private developments on 1600 acres. DFC estimates that they will save $32 million during the life of the project using ProjectWise."

>> Case Study

Barclays Bank Plc. - Property change programme management

"Barclays Facilities Management uses ProjectWise to collaborate. The firm now has one version of the truth; workflows track progress and the search facility enables people to locate information in seconds."

>> Case Study

Fast Finding is a reality when Connected by ProjectWise

"At the Greenwich Millennium Village more than 150 consultant, contractor, and subcontractor teams manage the production of more than 200,000 published drawings and documents. Quickly finding the right file is a challenge. Now ProjectWise has removed the pain of slow-searching; any document can be found and verified for currency of status in a few seconds."

>> Case Study

Oak Ridge National Lab project gets Connected by ProjectWise

"U.S. Department of Energy implemented ProjectWise to manage engineering content on a $1.4 billion R&D facility and to satisfy the need for the team to have instant access for work-sharing between six partner laboratories."

>> Case Study

Car manufacturer realizes collaboration benefits using ProjectWise

"Volkswagen de Mexico implemented ProjectWise for engineering content management, to introduce project-wide CAD standards, to improve collaboration across disciplines and to enable all team members to find all documents on demand."

>> Case Study

51 Firms get Connected by ProjectWise at World's 3rd busiest airport

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport is the world's third busiest airport and has a five-year Capital Development Program (CDP) of $2.7 billion. More than 51 AEC firms were connected by ProjectWise for "near real-time design collaboration."

>> Case Study

ProjectWise increases quality and contributes to annual savings of $18 million

"UK Supermarket chain Sainsbury's implemented ProjectWise to connect more than 150 people across 11 distributed locations. Key benefits include design version control and quality improvements that contribute to annual savings of $18 million per year."

>> Case Study

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Connecting the Enterprise

Globalization has changed the way we work by introducing opportunities to collaborate on projects on the other side of the world. One of the greatest challenges facing infrastructure teams is the management of content so necessarily distributed.

At the heart of the ProjectWise collaboration system sits the ProjectWise Integration Server.

Key benefits include:

  • Connect people and information
  • Federate all project data regardless of storage location
  • Cache distributed files locally for fast LAN-like access
  • Integrate with other enterprise document management systems

ProjectWise Integration Server will also integrate with your most frequently used design and office applications for file and content access and for full text indexing.

Some supported applications include:

  • MicroStation, PowerDraft, TriForma, and AutoCAD
  • AutoPLANT, PlantSpace, GEOPAK, and InRoads
  • Bentley Architecture, Structural Modeler, and other BIM applications
  • Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, and Outlook
  • Microsoft Visio and Inso Quickview

With ProjectWise Integration Server your globally distributed teams and project information is collocated virtually.

CAD Standards Management

ProjectWise Integration Server provides organizations with tools to manage CAD standards to ensure that teams can work consistently and create consistent work.

Key benefits include:

  • Enforce file naming standards for all ProjectWise documents 
  • Associate project workspaces to project folders
  • Cache workspaces locally for distributed teams
  • Support for MicroStation Workspaces and AutoCAD profiles to maintain CAD standards

In fact, a move to improve the management of CAD standards can often reduce the overall cost of a project by helping to avoid common errors associated with using poorly structured information.

Reference File and XRef Management

Managing reference and XRef files is a challenge within a single office that is magnified when extended to include the management of reference files shared with external sources. When the enterprise is distributed the challenge increases exponentially.

Key benefits include:

  • Manage all reference file and XRef relationships
  • Tools to heal broken reference file relationships caused by moved or renamed files
  • Query all references attached to a DGN/DWG directly from ProjectWise Explorer
  • Find all files that reference any given DGN or DWG file
  • Automatically access all attached reference files when the master CAD file is checked out

When you connect your people and information using ProjectWise Integration Server all CAD reference files are safely managed and distributed.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Now with over 90 million users worldwide, the primary information management system being used for collaboration in non-engineering environments is Microsoft Office SharePoint.

Key benefits of SharePoint and ProjectWise include:

  • ProjectWise integrates with SharePoint using Web Parts
  • SharePoint users access ProjectWise content using a browser
  • Integration of SharePoint functionality includes online calendars, threaded discussions, lists, surveys, workflow and alerts, and more.

This is why ProjectWise has been designed to compliment, rather than compete with, Microsoft SharePoint for engineering content management and collaboration across distributed teams.

Protecting Engineering Content

One of the significant advantages of implementing a system like ProjectWise is that all appropriate policy, security, procedural, technical, and audit issues can be explored and identified or reassessed.

Key benefits include:

  • Share files securely across organizational boundaries
  • Define who can view and edit project content
  • Manage user authentication using Microsoft Active Directory
  • Control group, user, and document level access
  • Connect PDF files in ProjectWise with Adobe Lifecycle server for digital signatures within PDFs managed by ProjectWise

Do you have the ability to grant or restrict access to a document at an enterprise, system, or file level?

Perhaps you need a little extra help. Perhaps you need to get connected by ProjectWise.

Streamlining Access

An estimated 40 percent of an engineer's time is spent looking for and validating engineering models, drawings, documents, and content. This is costing the infrastructure industry almost $16 billion annually.

Key benefits include:

  • Adopt a project-centric approach to information management
  • Index documents and engineering components
  • Find documents and content using powerful search capabilities
  • Create and manage file versions
  • Track what happens to a document throughout its lifecycle
  • Make documents available in multiple file formats

If you have trouble finding the files you need and/or want to see who last edited a file or who is working on a file right now, or if you need to access files in different formats to suit your needs, then perhaps you need to implement ProjectWise.

Improving Project Quality

The need to improve the quality of engineering content and processes is absolute to remain competitive in an increasingly global market. ProjectWise Integration Server can be deployed in accordance with internal, national, and internationally recognized quality processes.

Key benefits include:

  • Make it easier to do things right instead of wrong
  • Improve the quality and value of project content
  • Safeguard the evidential value of project documents
  • Create, manage, and deliver content in accordance with government requirements
  • Satsify BSI and ISO standards

Are your standards, processes and systems helping improve the quality of your engineering content? Get connected by ProjectWise.

Scalable and Reliable System Infrastructure

Few organizations are placed to successfully predict their future. Few can know how their business will grow and fewer still can forsee and avoid system crashes which affect productivity and corrupt data. 

Not being able to predict the future is normal—which is why we built the ProjectWise Integration Server upon scalable and reliable systems architecture to better prepare organizations for future change.

Key benefits include:

  • Teams can grow and distribute work across the enterprise
  • Servers can be added to load-balance the network traffic
  • Crashes and downtime can be avoided using clustered server configurations for fail-over security
  • Large images can be accessed using streaming for improved raster-viewing performance

If you don't have a crystal ball, and you can't predict the future, you may want to implement ProjectWise—a reliable system that scales as your business changes.

Greater Project Insight

ProjectWise Integration Server can manage the storage of engineering content in many distributed locations, and the automated audit trail will record all document transactions to provide visibility into the lifecycle of a document.

Key benefits include an ability to find out:

  • What happened to a particular document?
  • When did it arrive? Who approved it? When was it deleted?
  • Who last edited this document?
  • Where is the document located?

Answering the last question enables teams to analyze the "flow" of "work" around the distributed enterprise to match workflow.

This insight into workflow enables the administrator to move file stores around the enterprise to make sure the original files are always stored closest to the largest body of users for optimal performance while continuing to cache files remotely.

Automated Batch and Scheduled Processing

Do you ever feel like you lack enough time in the day, or enough people to get all of the jobs done? Would an extra pair of hands make a difference? ProjectWise Integration Server can automate the processing and distribution of tasks to reduce your burden.

Key benefits include:

  • Automated batch, scheduled, and event-based plotting
  • Connection to other databases and stores
  • Integration with third-party products like Adobe Lifecycle Server

With a ProjectWise Integration Server system working on your behalf you can turn your attentions to other issues for maximum productivity.

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highlights of ProjectWise Integration Server