Bentley Navigator V8i

Dynamic Project Review and Analysis


View, Analyze, and Augment Project Information

Bentley Navigator V8i is the dynamic collaboration software used by infrastructure teams to interactively view, analyze, and augment project information. Bentley Navigator better leverages the interactive nature of information stored inside Bentley i-models for high-performance visualization. This in turn enables greater project insight to help teams avoid costly on-site errors.

In addition, teams can simulate project scenarios virtually to resolve clashes and optimize project schedules. They can contribute to models by saving comments in the i-model, and they can product 2D and 3D PDFs for consumption by a wider audience.

With Bentley Navigator V8i, users can:

  • View
    • Open i-models, native DGN and DWG files, and point cloud files with one software product
    • Explore models naturally and intuitively in real time
    • Manipulate view settings to interactively change data display on screen

  • Analyze
    • Find business intelligence behind the geometry with ease
    • Measure distances, areas, volumes with complete engineering precision
    • Simulate what-ifs, optimize schedules, dynamically resolve clashes

  • Augment
    • Group and classify items by leveraging the intelligence behind the content 
    • Mark up i-models with simple geometry, register and preserve comments
    • Produce rich 2D/3D PDFs, create photorealistic images and animations

Bentley Navigator Licensing

Bentley Navigator is licensed with a ProjectWise Passport.

Schedule Optimization is licensed with a “Bentley Schedule Simulation Visa” and Clash Resolution is licensed with a “Bentley Clash Resolution Visa.”




  • i-models, native files, and overlay DGN files with one software product 
  • Aggregate 2D/3D multidisciplinary models 
  • Directly open AutoCAD DWG with RealDWG capability
  • Object Enabler support to display data from AutoCAD applications
  • View large image files and multi-page PDFs 
  • View and reference complete geo-coordination capabilities
  • View and manipulate point cloud data


  • Navigate models intuitively with enhanced viewing capabilities
  • Walk, fly, pan, and rotate to move around the model naturally
  • View the model close up with zoom-in/out capability
  • Simplified and customizable interface to group tools and tasks  
  • Intelligent and interactive snapping
  • Keyboard position mapping to speed productivity


  • Customize the display and filter geometry from view
  • Save and recall pre-defined view attributes
  • Slice and filter 3D models to improve interactive visualization
  • Section models using dynamic view capabilities 
  • Attach large image files as reference files
  • Set and change view perspectives with enhanced camera settings


  • Display and navigate business information behind the geometry 
  • Search for elements based on key attributes
  • Locate information contained in i-models
  • Find and access element information quickly
  • Look for various materials, PDF references, and simple geometry
  • Isolate key components with customizable search capability


  • Accurately measure distances and angles
  • Estimate areas and volumes with complete reliability
  • Compare two pieces of geometry with complete engineering precision
  • Determine clearance constraints for effective planning
  • Properly size doorways and openings to improve design


  • Detect clashes on native content from many sources without translation
  • Create and apply powerful suppression rules to reduce false results
  • Manage and resolve clash results effectively
  • Import project schedule information to simulate project planning
  • Review multiple schedule scenarios simultaneously
  • Animate objects based on schedule task or construction status
  • Dynamic scheduling ensures changes are automatically updated in both Navigator and the original scheduling software


  • Create item relationships to build more intelligence in the model
  • Create and maintain project-level groupings in Excel and quickly and easily import them 
  • Group and categorize data to alter the display view
  • Assign attributes to items and classify geometry
  • Color code the model and group according to construction status
  • Organize elements by discipline or specific contractor


  • Review and mark up designs with redline comments
  • Manage markups and review workflows with markup dialog
  • Register and preserve comments against items
  • Assign unique attributes and comment history to individual markups
  • Add simple graphics to enhance "what if" scenarios and assess impact


  • Near real-time photo-realistic Luxology rendering
  • Generate paper prints of models and markups to scale 
  • Publish 2D/3D multi-page PDF reports of markups, including those from multiple overlay files
  • Google Earth integration
  • Create and reference geospatial PDFs