Bentley HEC-Pack V8i

From Floodplain Hydrology to River Analysis





Bentley provides thousands of engineers with HEC software, documentation, and support for a variety of modeling tasks, from floodplain hydrology to river analysis to GIS integration. These important programs are all included in the HEC-Pack:

Graphical HEC-1 for flood hydrology calculations 
HEC-HMS for hydrologic modeling 
HEC-RAS for river analysis 
HEC-GIS (aka HEC-GeoRAS) for data sharing between HEC-RAS and ArcInfo

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Who Uses

Users of technology from The Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) take advantage of the following modules included in HEC-Pack.

Top Reasons to Use
FEMA Approved

HEC-Pack offers complimentary capabilities and includes the FEMA approved HEC-HMS technology developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Address Many Types of Hydraulic Studies
HEC-RAS can be used for open channel hydraulic studies, bridge and culvert hydraulic studies, and FEMA flood insurance studies.  It allows engineers, reviewers, and developers to assess the impacts of bridges, culverts and other floodplain features.  HEC-RAS can be used to compute a floodway and validate it prior to submittal to FEMA.

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Model a Variety of Watershed Situations
Design engineers, hydrologists, and project managers are often faced with the need to simulate the effects of synthetic or historic rainfall events on watershed floodplains and/or design facilities to convey or mitigate the resulting flows.  HEC-HMS can address rainfall and runoff modeling, channel and storage routing, and provides for calibration of model parameters to match recorded data and detailed reviews of model output.

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Integrating Floodplain Modeling with GIS
ArcGIS users can take advantage of HEC-GIS perform integrated floodplain modeling with their GIS and perform additional spatial analysis and visualization enabled by the GIS platform.

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Easy to Use Hydrographs

Use Graphical HEC_1 to produce hydrographs in tabular or graphic form and work with them in a variety of ways.  Graphical HEC-1 makes it easy to create reports and export the output of flood hydrology calculations to spreadsheets and other document formats.

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