Bentley CivilStorm V8i

Comprehensive Stormwater Modeling and Analysis



CivilStorm Overview

Accurately model every aspect of your stormwater system including rainfall, runoff, inlet capture and bypass, gravity and pressure piping, detention ponds, outlet structures, open channels, culverts, and more. Your choice of stand-alone, AutoCAD, or MicroStation interfaces makes CivilStorm a perfect fit for any workflow.

CivilStorm performs a full range of analysis necessary for verification of hydraulic capacity and demonstrating stormwater compliance in complex storm water handling systems. Its dynamic calculation engine handles capacity analysis, detention, looped systems and diversions.  Choose the industry-standard EPA-SWMM engine or CivilStorm’s implicit solution. Time saving model management tools such as Scenario Manager, FlexTables, FlexUnits, and engineering libraries make CivilStorm both highly cost-effective and extremely flexible. CivilStorm is also fully compliant with US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Hydraulic Design Series No. 5 (HDS-5) standards.

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All-in-one stormwater modeling

From open channels to looped storm sewer networks, from detention ponds to outlet structures, and from pumping structures to culverts, CivilStorm can handle any hydraulic structure in your stormwater conveyance system.

Analyze pressure and free surface flow conditions for networks of channels and close conduits, model complex pond outlets for a variety of tailwater conditions, and use weirs, orifices, culverts, risers, and inlet boxes in your design, all within a single product.

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Exercise your platform freedom

Right out of the box, you can work in a straight-forward, scaled, stand-alone environment, and also harness MicroStation's advanced 3D modeling and geospatial features.

AutoCAD users can choose to add the powerful AutoCAD integration features to layout CivilStorm models within a familiar drafting environment. 

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Two engines for accuracy and compliance

With CivilStorm you can run two fully-dynamic engines to account for storage in your network structures, quantify overflow volumes, calculate flow splits, and handle complex looped systems.

Use CivilStorm's implicit engine to solve the full St. Venant equations with stunning performance and numerical robustness, or the industry-standard EPA-SWMM engine for compliance with NPDES water quality regulations.

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Built-in stormwater hydrology

Use and customize the built-in hydrology and engineering libraries with access to virtually any methodology to quickly load and estimate:

  • Rainfall
  • Infiltration
  • Time of concentration
  • Runoff hydrographs

Download the CivilStorm spec sheet for detailed information about supported methodologies.

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MicroStation Integration

CivilStorm is the only dynamic stormwater model completely integrated with MicroStation, the standard for 47 of the 50 U.S. state transportation departments.

From file referencing, to raster management, to PDF composing, to digital signatures and 3D visualization,every MicroStation feature becomes a CivilStorm feature!

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Jumpstart your model with existing data

If you already have CAD drawings, GIS files, or existing SWMM, StormCAD or SewerCAD model files, you are only a few clicks away from having a CivilStorm model of your network.

You can also build your model from scratch with easy-to-use layout tools working in a scaled environment, leveraging existing CAD drawings, shapefiles, and images as background references.

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Find more time for engineering

Time-saving features help you streamline data entry and leave you more time for engineering and decision-making.

Use flexible tabular reports, maintain your own engineering attribute libraries for faster data input, create persistent multi-parameter queries, and manage engineering units on the fly.

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Organize your scenarios for better decision making

The exclusive Scenario Control Center helps you organize an unlimited number of physical, design, hydrology, network topology, and operational scenarios to make faster and accurate decisions with a single CivilStorm file.

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Share your work with everyone

Use the included MicroStation integration features to generate smart PDFs to share your modeling results with anyone, or post your model drawings to the Web using MicroStation’s Google Earth Tools.

You can also leverage CivilStorm's compatibility with the EPA-SWMM engine to effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients.

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Understand results easily

Spot bottlenecks and potential surcharging with animated 3D graphs and profiles, use property-based color coding, element symbology and annotation to easily visualize your input and results, and create tabular reports, system-wide summaries, project inventories on the fly.

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