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StormCAD provides comprehensive modeling for the design and analysis of storm sewer systems using a peak flow (Rational Method) approach. StormCAD provides calculations for catchment runoff, gutters, inlets, conduit networks, and outfalls; and its intuitive interface makes the design and analysis of storm sewer systems simple.

Available for MicroStation, PowerCivil for North America, AutoCAD, or stand-alone, StormCAD includes automated constraint-based design (to size pipes and determine invert elevations); scenario and data management; and reporting capabilities. Regardless of the platform used, StormCAD maintains a single set of modeling files for true interoperability.

StormCAD is completely customizable using WaterObjects.NET.

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What's New in StormCAD V8 XM Edition?

Learn about the new StormCAD. Software upgrades are free for Bentley SELECT subscribers.

What's new in StormCAD V8i?

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From Gutter to Outlet - Easy Storm Sewer Design

New StormCAD users can quickly learn their way around whichever interface they are comfortable with (stand-alone, AutoCAD, PowerCivil for North America, or MicroStation), while experienced modelers can discover new time-saving tools every day.

Choose between a scaled or schematic environment (or a combination of both), use multiple background layers as drawing aids, lay out with confidence with unlimited undo and redo, split pipes, morph elements, reconnect pipes on the fly, and set up element prototypes to streamline data entry. 

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Exercise Platform Freedom

Harness MicroStation's powerful 3D modeling and geospatial features, use AutoCAD's convenient drafting environment to layout your models, PowerCivil's terrain modeling and civil design tools, or choose the straight-forward stand-alone interface. The choice is yours and only StormCAD gives you that freedom.

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Minimize Your Capital Investment

Let StormCAD automatically design an entirely new storm drainage network or sections of an existing one by simply entering your design restrictions: velocities, slopes, cover depths, and pipe and inlet matching offsets. StormCAD will recommend the most cost-effective pipe sizes and invert elevations, avoiding unnecessary pipe trench excavation.

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Regulatory Compliance

Solve for subcritical, critical, and supercritical conditions with StormCAD's robust gradually varied, direct-step algorithm* using inlet and gutter flow computations based on HEC-22. Calculate headloss with the HEC-22 or AASHTO (1991) methods. Choose from virtually any type of closed or open conduit section and easily comply with velocity, cover, slope, and other design constraints.

* For a dynamic engine that solves the full Saint Venant equations, check out Bentley's CivilStorm.

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Look at Storm Pipes the Right Way

Build profiles through your entire stormwater network, visualize energy and hydraulic grade lines, add annotation, save and recall profiles to avoid recreating them from scratch, and incorporate them directly in MicroStation or AutoCAD drawings, or export them to DXF.

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Find More Time for Engineering

Time-saving features help you streamline data entry and leave you more time for engineering and decision-making. Use flexible tabular reports, maintain your own engineering attribute libraries for faster data input, and manage engineering units on the fly.

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Jump-start Your Model Using Your Existing Data

Use the new ModelBuilder to leverage virtually any data source to get your StormCAD model up and running in no time. If you already have CAD drawings, GIS files, or external databases for your storm sewer system, you are only a few clicks away from having a StormCAD model of your network. Bidirectional connections between shapefiles, databases, spreadsheets, and StormCAD help you make changes to your model as your source data changes.

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Organize Your Scenarios for Better Decision Making

Robust engineering decisions for your storm sewer system require the consideration of multiple scenarios. Compare design approaches with varying velocity, slope and cover restrictions, evaluate system capacity for multiple storm events, analyze outlet flows using different estimations for your catchment rational coefficients. StormCAD gives you full control to configure, run, evaluate, visualize and compare an unlimited number of scenarios within a single file. 

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Leverage Powerful Hydrology and Watershed Hydraulics

Use the widely accepted Rational Method or the methodology of your choice by directly entering peak flows. Specify a minimum allowable watershed time of concentration to prevent high runoff estimates for small catchments and specify equations, tables, or Hydro-35 for Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) data. Work with an unlimited number of sub-watershed areas and C coefficients for each inlet watershed and choose from a variety of methods for computing travel time.

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MicroStation Integration

Both StormCAD stand-alone and StormCAD for AutoCAD include integration with MicroStation, the standard for 47 of the 50 U.S. state transportation departments. From file referencing, to raster management, to PDF composing, to digital signatures and 3D visualization, every MicroStation feature becomes a StormCAD feature.

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